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Contact With The Cultural Charm Of Ancient Chinese Costumes And Children'S "Costumes"

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"The dress of a woman is changed at the age of several years, which is different from that of hundreds of years ago."

"Women, children, clothing, Hua Xuan, like clouds."

Simple poems describe to people one thousand years ago that women in Song Dynasty pursued fashion and pursued novelty and novelty.

Clothes & Accessories

The scene.

Although it was impossible to go back to ancient times, yesterday, the Fujian Provincial Museum carried out the "collage of Luo Qi, leaving the rest of the song - the clothing and decorations of the Song Dynasty," but let the scene reappear, so that participants can do their own work, and get close contact with the cultural charm of ancient Chinese costumes.

What are the characteristics of the costumes in the Song Dynasty? "Women's clothing in the Song Dynasty admired slender and slender fitness, which was simpler and simpler than that in the Tang Dynasty."

At the beginning of the event, the museum staff explained to the children the characteristics and evolution of the dress in the Song Dynasty. The children listened carefully, and some remembered their notes.

Then the staff sent each child a piece of cloth and a floor board with a song suit.

The song costume printed on the cloth is the "Brown peony lace jacket" unearthed at Huang Sheng tomb, new store in Fuzhou in 1970s.

The collar and cuffs of the costumes are beautifully decorated, and the slender clothing shows the dress features of the Song Dynasty.

The children first cut the lace around the collar and cuffs of the cloth, and put them in the corresponding positions of the clothes, and then coloured them with paint.

"The clothes of the ancients are really beautiful. They are much more delicious than our modern ones."

Wei Wenjing, a 10 year old kid, was careful to cut and paste. He had already begun to think about how to color, and his small head turned around, and he painted the song clothes half red and half painted yellow.

Xiaowen quietly spit out his tongue and smiled.

Some children suspected that the table was small, and they fell to the ground to dye their clothes.

"Our traditional culture needs to be taken seriously."

Ms. Chen has brought her children to the museum for 3 such traditional activities.

She said that although most of the activities were based on drawing, they were different from the school's drawing class.

The children are using their nibs to touch history and touch traditional culture. She stands aside and learns many traditional cultural knowledge.

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