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Research And Development Of Air Conditioning Shoes, Wuhan Entrepreneurial Team Entered The Provincial Entrepreneurial Base

2012/6/4 11:45:00 41

Wuhan UniversityAir Conditioning ShoesProvincial Entrepreneurial Base

In June 3rd, the reporter learned from the City College of Wuhan University of Science and Technology that the KIWI entrepreneurial team of the University was formally signed at the graduation ceremony of the Hubei Youth Business Incubator company not long ago.

Become the first provincial-level youth entrepreneurship base in Hubei province.

College student entrepreneurial team

The project name of the venture team is "

Electronic technology function shoes


The main feature of the project is to insert the "core cabin" with fans and new polymer batteries into the root of the shoes, and scientifically design the ventilation pipes and thermal insulation layers that conform to the footstep curve of the human body, so as to realize the working state of heating and ventilation of shoes under electrified condition.

At present, the project has applied for three technical patents, infrared remote control, Bluetooth remote control, convenient user to switch and temperature setting function of intelligent remote control, so as to achieve foot full winter warming, cool summer deodorization. No open flame combustion technology allows shoes even in extreme weather conditions, but also to maintain 30 degrees of constant temperature inside shoes.

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