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Business Card: Booth Construction

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Exhibition Knowledge And Exhibition Booth Construction



The booth can be said to be a business card. The size, design and appearance of the booth must be perfect and conform to the competition standards, so that enterprises can be invincible in the exhibition.

The future exhibition will evaluate whether the success of a booth is not based on whether its booth is gorgeous or extravagant, but rather its communication ability, the concept expressed, the functionality defined by the booth and the connotation of the exhibits themselves.

So what kind of effect should the exhibition booth design achieve? Simply speaking, it is to make the audience look pleasing and pleasant to hear, which can fully arouse the audience's mood.

Excellent booth design can help and strengthen the position of exhibitors and their products in the market, which requires the designer to complete two tasks: first, the exhibition mode and display content he designed must be identified by the audience as soon as possible; secondly, a mental image of the exhibitors and exhibitors must be given.

To achieve these two purposes, the exhibition stand must be creative, and this creativity is not only reflected in the design idea, but also needs to be displayed through display equipment.

At present, domestic and even Asian enterprises are always willing to invest heavily in exhibitions and engineering companies in order to demonstrate their strength and achieve special results.

The European and American countries, especially the exhibitors in Germany, tend to pay more attention to the use of new circulating booth materials to create new concepts for booth design and construction. System components are among the more popular ones in the new materials, because they can solve some problems existing in the design and construction of the booth.

First, the time problem of booth design and construction.

Due to budgetary problems, today's exhibition organizers are compressing the time of exhibition booth construction.

For exhibitors, often in order to catch up with time and do not have enough time to consider the design and construction of booth, often only make some basic decisions.

In this way, for the booth designers, they must work overtime to complete the design and construction tasks. Now, the exhibition hall usually adds extra fees to the opening hours outside the eight hours of work, so overtime and overtime are not free.

Time is even more expensive for booth developers.

So how can we solve the relationship between time and money in the budget time of the exhibition? Apart from the creative design of the exhibition booth, the best way to solve this problem is to use suitable exhibition materials.

In practice, booth exhibitors and exhibitors appreciate the use of system components to build booths.

This system component is more flexible and does not require a lot of manpower, and it can easily turn the unique design into reality, and thus gain a lot of time.

In addition, using system components can also reduce costs.

It has specific advantages: since the production of pre production does not require much manpower, the price is reasonable; it is easy to pport and store, and the installation can be very elaborate, saving a lot of manpower and material costs.

At the same time, the tools needed to build or dismantle are very simple.

For an enterprise, it is best to spend less and do more.

In a word, while ensuring the effectiveness, we should calculate the economic accounts and use the new and reusable booth materials as much as possible.

Of course, this also requires booth designers and builders to be more imaginative, creative and flexible.

Two. Environmental problems in booth design and construction

Although the exhibition time is very short and the space is very limited, the waste and garbage generated are very considerable. Therefore, the disposal of exhibition waste and garbage has become a very important part of the exhibition environmental management.

In the exhibition, 75%--80% waste was generated when the booth was built and dismantled.

Now, more and more exhibitors have charged the exhibitors as a separate project.

In this way, how to avoid or reduce waste and rubbish becomes the economic factor that every exhibitor must consider.

Early planning, strict management of the booth, and early planning for demolition of the booth are one aspect of the above problem.

In addition, it is the best way to recycle materials as much as possible.

The system components can be recycled and beneficial to environmental protection, because they are usually aluminum materials, and even now there is a substitute for paper, that is, bad use can also be easily recycled.

Three. Safety issues in booth design and construction

The design and construction of the booth must conform to the safety axiom.

At present, there are many ways to build the booth safely, and the use of building system components is one of them.

Today's exhibitors hope that their exhibition stands will have a distinctive and unexpected effect. This will enable the exhibition booth and even the exhibition itself to enter a high standard era.

Whether it is a two story booth or a very large display wall, the strength of the connection between each component and its components and the balance between various forces must provide a high standard of safety.

The system components can help the booth manufacturers to save much trouble by solving the structural balance and firmness of the booth.

Four, the uniqueness of booth design and construction.

We stress that the environmental protection and safety issues built by the exhibition booth do not mean that the design and construction of the exhibition stand are novel and unique.

Although the foundation of the system component is a lot of preliminary work, it does not mean that the form of the booth is very single and lacks imagination.

The system components can be combined according to the wishes of exhibitors. Although the materials are the same, they can guarantee different exhibition stands at different exhibitions.

At the same time, there are many suppliers in the world who provide various and abundant latest component materials, and have enough technical space to meet the needs of booth design and construction.

Find a booth designer who is rich in booth design and construction experience. He will help exhibitors to achieve the expected purpose.

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