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Look At The Men'S Dress That Has Been Ignored On The Red Carpet In Cannes

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Nationality: American age: 39 years of age: movie actor, film producer

Adrian Brody Adrien Brody

During the period of "Adrian Oscar Brody" in Cannes, a group of photos of naked bodies on yachts on the Internet showed high exposure, confirming Brody's high popularity and star charm.

He attended

Cannes Film Festival

The black fruit collar dress, though not far from naked, has also been particularly attractive.

The hard line of satin collar is not common in the green collar dress. The slightly longer coat on the bottom is very suitable for his tall figure. The proportion of the whole body is very suitable. The trousers also choose the loose style of the trouser legs, which makes up for the visual defects of his thin legs.




Nationality: American age: 42 years old identity: American singer and music producer

Bragging dad P.Diddy

Unlike other male stars, boastful father is not the judge of this festival. He has no need to publicize the movie, so it doesn't seem to have a specific purpose. It is at least impressive to make sure that it is a piece of cake for a big boast.

With its own fashion brand, old man knows fashion and silver suits. It is not exaggerated because of its unique three-dimensional texture. Black Pocket scarf is well matched with a large black bow tie.


The tailoring is perfectly fitted, and the length of the shirt that appears on the cuff looks just right.




Nationality: British age: 41 years of age: movie actor

Ivan Mcgregor Ewan McGregor

Ivan Mcgregor has made several appearances in Cannes this year. The fine fashion dress has won the praise of many fashion media.

Mcgregor wore an evening dress during the film festival. He was upright and self-cultivation, but he was not very high-profile. It was very consistent with the personal taste of the Scotland actor who had a special liking for independent films.

He wore a black suit with trousers on his trouser legs, which was very bright and well matched with brown leather boots. His style was impressive.




Nationality: American age: 54 years of age: movie and TV actor

Alec Baldwin Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin is the older and more attractive male actor. Compared with ten years ago when he was in Cannes, although the decree was deeper and the belly was round, he had more mature and mature humor.

Black collar

Suit matching

The white broad necked shirt and black tie are standard matching for evening dress, and the details of the shirt's black buttons add a few younger ones.






Nationality: American age: 24 years of age: movie actor

Zach Efron Zac Efron

Zach - Efron is more mature than the "song and dance youth" age, but he is not in a hurry to make himself mature.

A grey grill suit, perhaps the narrowest black tie in the whole field, made him stand out among the last generation of filmmakers. But the white pocket scarf still shows his meticulous mind in his clothes.




Nationality: American age: 48 years of age: actor, film producer

Brad Pete Brad Pitt

Pete finally trimmed his beard and put down his crutches. Although his hair was still several inches longer than the fans' ideal, he could not deny that he looked much younger.

A light cotton suit with V T-shirt, white leather belt and white leather shoes will be suitable for the warm weather in Cannes.

Pete, after all, is Pete. He is no longer defeated by his simple and comfortable clothes.




Nationality: American identity: movie actor, photographer

Thailand Ty Hickson

Thailand, as an actor and fashion photographer, Thailand is a young man who is confident in his style of dress.

The green suit has a simple line and a rich retro style. It matches his dark retro printed shirt perfectly. The bright yellow dot tie ties well with the bright light of the suit and the dark of the shirt, and does not forget to wear a golden brooch and bow tie.




Nationality: American age: 27 years of age: movie and TV actor

Garnett - Garrett Hedlund

Starring "Genesis" made a lot of money for him, and the end of his own TV play gave him more time to film.

He is tall and handsome. He is very popular in fashion circles. Recently, Prada was invited to take the show.

But he seems to prefer a simple dress and a black dress, but he is modest and modest.




Nationality: British age: 63 years of age: movie actor

Jeremy Irons Jeremy Irons

Jeremy Irons is the best representative of the old generation of English gentlemen. He helped to play the premiere of the new film in Cannes. Irons's elegant gray dress was matched with the waistcoat, shirt and bow tie with different grayscale. The three piece suit was quite light, and politely removed the sunglasses in the face of the media's filming.

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