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The Pformation Road Of China'S Jeans Town

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Chinese Denim Clothing TownJunanDenim Clothing

In recent days, there is a Shunde village banquet steamed pig in the hot tip of China, so many people know the town of Junan.

Martial arts fans are no stranger to peace, because this is the hometown of legendary martial arts star Bruce Lee.

In fact, there is another important identity of Junan.

Chinese cowboy costume town


As one of the four largest cowboy clothing production bases in China, the Junan jeans garment industry has a history of more than 30 years and is a pillar industry in the region.

In 1979, the first industrial cowboy in China was born.

In 2011, the first cowboy clothing Research Institute in China was



Statistics show that cowboy clothing accounts for 45% of the total tax revenue and total output value of the town. There are more than 2000 denim textile and garment enterprises and 200 million supporting enterprises. The annual export of cowboy clothing is over 200 million, and the export rate is over 80%. The annual output value is over 10 billion yuan.

However, after more than 30 years of development, Junan jeans industry is still in the development stage of labor-intensive, low value-added products, few original brands of independent brands, and no benchmarking enterprises.

There is still a long way to go from the ideal of the "smiling economy".

Yi Changhai, director and director of Guangdong Junan denim clothing Research Institute, believes that the development direction of Junan jeans industry is to form a "smile curve", focusing on two aspects, one is research and development, design and brand, the other is logistics and exhibition.

Processing and OEM OEM, that is to say, in the whole cowboy industrial chain, Junan is at the lowest end of the industrial chain, trapped in the lowest profit and the least profitable link, and the output value is very low, so the pformation and upgrading is imminent.

The "collapse tide" has been exaggerated.

In the past two years, it has been heavily dependent on exports due to the international and domestic environment.

Junan jeans industry

Once entered the "cold winter".

Commonly used in the industry, "three famine, two high, one low" describes the status quo of the cowboy factory.

"Three wasteland" refers to electricity shortage, shortage of money and shortage of human beings. "Two high" means high raw material price and high labor cost, while "one low" means low exchange rate.

Reporters learned from relevant information, from January to July last year, Junan clothing manufacturing enterprises opened 155 new businesses, closed down 105, down 15.8% compared to the same period last year, and cancelled 272 (167 of them failed to pass the annual inspection in 2009. After a year's rectification, 2011's business license was revoked by the business sector in 2011), an increase of 189.4% over the previous year. The average number of employees was 71952, up 2.3% over the same period last year.

In this regard, Yi Changhai, Dean and doctoral tutor of Junan denim clothing Research Institute of Guangdong Province, said: "some negative reports of the media exaggerate the difficulties of some enterprises.

According to the data in recent years, the growth and decline of Junan cowboy manufacturing enterprises is a normal range.

Although several businesses fail every month, there are several new businesses opening every month.

Moreover, most of the bankrupt enterprises are workshops with low technology content and only a few dozen people, which have no significant impact on the whole denim garment industry.

On the contrary, some scale oriented enterprises which focus on innovation and have their own specialized markets have not only been shocked, but also increased in output value and sales volume.

According to the press interview, the safe and reliable denim production enterprises such as esta, Lok, Li Gao, and mark Qi, with their own good product R & D and design capabilities, have maintained fast production, high quality and high service. Not only did they not appear to be unsalable, but they also had sufficient orders, and their sales and profits increased rapidly.

Among them, under the leadership of general manager Fan Youbin, under the leadership of general manager, Costa apparel has increased by nearly 50 times net assets over the past three years, and the growth rate has attracted the attention of the industry.

Reflection on equal security

Yi Changhai said that it is undeniable that large and small enterprises now face various operational difficulties in their respective stages of development.

According to data from the General Administration of customs, China's textile and apparel exports totaled US $68 billion 820 million in 1-4 months in 2012, representing an increase of 0.5% over the same period last year of US $68 billion 500 million.

Among them, clothing exports amounted to 39 billion 970 million US dollars, up 1% over the same period last year. It is estimated that the export price of textiles and clothing increased by 4.5% over the same period in 1~3 months.

Excluding price factors, the number of textile and garment exports decreased by 1% over the same period in 1~3.

The export situation in 2012 is not optimistic.

Judging from the influence factors and trend of industry in 2012, the pressure of international market demand in 2012 is still obvious. There are many uncertain factors, which will affect the export growth of industries. The continuous improvement of urban and rural residents' income level and policy support will boost the stability of domestic demand market, while the increase of comprehensive cost will also lead to an increase in labor costs. The fluctuation of raw material market and the unsmooth supply chain system are the main risks facing the industry.

In a market environment where external demand is low and domestic demand is slowing down, the space for enterprises to resolve various cost and risk factors is smaller and the operating pressure is more prominent.

In the pformation and upgrading of the draught, safety should be reconsidered.

Junan is one of the four largest cowboy production bases in China. In 1979, the first industrial cowboy was born in China. The development of Junan cowboy is a microcosm of the Chinese cowboy industry. It will play an exemplary role.

The rise of Junan cowboy industry should be generated by the opportunity of "three to one supplement" industrial pfer.

The enterprises represented by Jiangnan garment factory and Sanhua Tongxing garment factory are the traditional typical uniform denim garment enterprises, with fixed customers and no big business risk.

Junan's history of cowboy textile and clothing entrepreneurship is the history of the struggle of Junan people.

Junan's cowboy business owners mostly adopt extensive management, and the owner of the enterprise has several jobs. From order acceptance to job recruitment, they are all decided by the owners. Most of the cowboy clothing business owners are relatives and friends. Family businesses account for the majority, and there is no modern enterprise structure within the company.

If necessary, increase the number of clothes cars, but will not make an issue at the root of the enterprise.

However, after more than 30 years of development, Junan denim is still in the development stage of labor-intensive, low value-added products, few original brands of independent brands, and no benchmarking enterprises.

According to the idea of Yi Changhai, in such a good soil, after thirty years of development, an ideal "smile economy" has been formed. That is to say, we should focus on two aspects, one is R & D, design and brand, the other is logistics and exhibition, but now it is far from this step.

Faced with the predicament of the market, Shunde and Junan government departments are actively guiding and encouraging enterprises to carry out industrial pformation and upgrading, technological pformation, industrial structure adjustment, pformation of development mode, independent research and development brand pformation, and give preferential policies and financial support to industrial pformation and development. Enterprises must renew their ideas, develop scientifically, continuously innovate independently, develop their characteristics, and pform from "manufacturing" enterprises into "brand" business enterprises.

Develop new products that are suitable for consumers, improve the management mechanism of refined production and rapid manufacturing, and break the bottleneck code of traditional industries, such as stagnation, low production capacity and low added value.

Only by adapting to market changes can enterprises develop healthily and continuously.

Even the cowboy industry can really smile.

Technology determines the market position of an enterprise.

World economic history shows that every economic crisis is stimulated by revolutionary production technology and production process.

Under the pressure of operation, enterprises seem to be more motivated to carry out technological innovation.

Similarly, uniform safety Jeans Companies under pressure are exploring various production processes and technological innovations.

For example, the introduction of foreign modern equipment instead of manpower, such as automatic hanging production line, new liquid ammonia mercerizing, laser machine cowboy technology and other high technology, through technological pformation and equipment renewal, constantly tap the potential of enterprises and stimulate enterprise vitality.

At present, there are more than 10 enterprises that carry out this technological innovation, and more than 20 are trying.

While accelerating technological pformation, local governments also guide enterprises to use lean production workshop management mode combined with 6S management and JIT management, and constantly improve management level.

According to the introduction, a set of JIT software can increase the production efficiency of enterprises by 30%.

The automatic clothing production suspension system introduced by this year's clothing has increased its production efficiency by 30%-50%.

The company uses JIT management software to increase production and efficiency by nearly 30% while shortening working hours.

At the beginning of last year, faced with the severe economic environment, the Austrian flag Clothing Co., Ltd. purchased 16 mechanized production line machinery, all lines were digitally managed, while enhancing quality control, it also greatly improved production efficiency.

High strength clothing technology is used to promote the development of enterprises.

"This efficiency is very high. In the past, we used large pipeline to produce, not only inefficient, but also low quality."

Its chairman, Chen Zufu, said.

Guangdong Junan jeans garment research institute, which was founded last year, has great responsibilities in technological innovation.

Yi Changhai said that as the only cowboy Research Institute in China, the Junan cowboy Research Institute is responsible for the mission of industry innovation. It is committed to tackling key technologies and achievements, and will also step up technological development, such as fabric development, new style design and production process optimization, so as to provide technological support for pformation and upgrading of enterprises.

For this reason, Yi Long Hai Zheng approached Australian and Russian textile experts to introduce an international research team for Junan cowboy.

The cowboy Research Institute has pioneered the promotion of advanced production processes and technology applications in the top ten enterprises.

Through these enterprises to achieve the effect of industry demonstration.

The establishment of digital garment manufacturing factories in enterprises such as ED, relying on advanced equipment and technology, makes the design, print, code, cloth, cutting, distribution and production of garments all digitalized and streamlined, simplifying the technological process, shortening the manufacturing cycle and enhancing market competitiveness; promoting enterprise pformation by relying on enterprise informatization construction, standardizing enterprise resources and cooperation through ERP platform, improving productivity, optimizing supply chain management, and flexibly meeting the fast growing demand of enterprises.

It is understood that washing and dyeing are the most difficult parts to control quality and environmental protection in jeans production.

However, the added value of washing links accounts for 40% to 50% of the value of a garment. It can be said that the level of water washing technology determines the market position of an enterprise.

This reporter has learned that part of the company has also invested heavily in importing liquid ammonia mercerizing machine produced in Italy and the latest international environmental protection technology and water washing equipment, ozone washing machine, and laser technology, pearl nano denim and automatic hanging production line.

In particular, the ozone washing machine directly draws air from the outside, generates ozone through the internal device of the machine, and uses ozone to achieve the decolorization effect of the machine. The ozone inside the machine is reduced to air and then discharged. "This is the most advanced water free washing process in the world. This washing machine is environmentally friendly and saves resources."

A company responsible person introduced.

The head of a large local textile enterprise said that most of the jeans production enterprises are still using traditional manual production. They can no longer cope with the impact of the advanced production lines of garment manufacturers in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces and Shanghai.

Chen Huiqun, executive director of the standard garment factory, for example, has introduced a "hanging system" production line around the surrounding enterprises, which is close to pure line operation.

In this system, a pair of trousers is cut off and will go from scratch to the end. It is completed by different processes at once. But the process of our factory is a kind of "hybrid flow", that is, a person is responsible for a tie up product, and after finishing his own process, he is tied up again to the next process.

The advantages and disadvantages of the two processes are quite obvious.

Chen Huiqun said that the former is more conducive to ensuring the "production rhythm", that is, to promote a good convergence between the various processes and reduce time wastage. The latter's coordination is easy to break down.

"But the hanging system has a very strong demand for orders, because a set of processes will take some time to work well. If a batch is too small, it will be meaningless to finish it very quickly."

It is reported that only four or five large scale enterprises such as esta and force are used in this system.

Yi Changhai also said that an industry without standards is abnormal, and without standards there is no right to speak.

The next important task of the Institute is to establish a cowboy industry standard by the joint government and industry, and further promote the development of the industry.


OEM production has become a "hard hit" for uniform safety.

A few years ago, all the cowboy enterprises launched a slogan: "cowboy's world and cowboy of the world". However, the cowboys who went out from Junan were all trademarks in other regions.

The lack of independent brands and original well-known brands has become an obstacle to the development of a safe cowboy.

Brand is the core competitiveness of enterprises in the longest term, and Junan jeans garment industry is a labor-intensive industry. To be bigger and stronger, enterprises must shift from OEM to R & D and design, and improve their self sampling ability, so as to master the initiative of production.

However, brand building needs to invest a lot of manpower and material resources to cultivate, which makes many enterprises dare not act rashly.

Some enterprises even think that since they have no ability and energy to do so, they should simply settle down to the status quo.

Yi Changhai believes that in fact, some of the jeans producers have already had the ability to build brand, but the road of brand building has not yet been opened because of the lack of keeping up with the concept.

In fact, as long as several enterprises can take the lead, they can affect other enterprises and drive the development of the whole industry.

Building an original brand tour

Along with the vigorous development of the uniform Jean industry, a large number of private entrepreneurs engaged in jeans production are rising. They are leading the enterprises to pform from small workshop production to modern enterprises. Facing the new situation of global economic development, they reflect more on how the enterprises should take the low end of the production chain and seek to pform to high value-added industries.

Some of the "foresight" are striving to build their own brands. Some have hired professional teams to develop and design cowboy products, build channels and expand the domestic market.

As one of the forerunners, Wang Desheng, the general manager of Li Gao's clothing, told reporters that in recent years, the development space of pure production is getting narrower and narrower, the cost of the labor force is getting higher and higher, the social responsibility is getting bigger and more, the profit space is getting smaller and smaller.

Only by making their own brand, there is the right to speak in the market.

Li Gao began to cultivate his original brand two or three years ago. In 2010, he set up a special brand promotion team.

They have also taken a lot of detours at the beginning, for example, they have changed several times in the positioning of the product style. They did not stabilize until the end of last year. In the past two years, twenty or thirty franchised stores were opened in Guangdong, such as Rong Qi, Ronggui, Nanhai and other towns, and Tianjin and Hunan were also working with customers.

Although it has invested a lot in its own business, it has a good effect and has played a good role in brand promotion.

Wang Desheng said that starting a brand is indeed very difficult. Although it has not yet achieved its desired publicity effect, it will continue to do so.

Fan Youbin, general manager of the company, has his own brand dream and has been put into practice since the beginning of his business.

The company has its own brand "EVERSTAR" (Asta), through product research institute (factory, school, Research Institute) cooperation, strengthen product research and development, launch products suitable for consumers, promote brand development through product function; it is reported that this year Asta will introduce waterproof, breathable and warm feather feather denim products, increase product value added, take the strategic line of production, research and marketing integration.

Junan Town Government has also intensified its efforts to build and popularize the regional brand of Junan cowboy. It is reported that Junan has continued to package the regional brand of "Junan Cowboy" through the establishment of a uniform denim alliance and the hosting of an international cowboy fair.

Encourage and guide enterprises to build their own brands and enhance the added value of products.

Reporters also learned that Junan Town will plan to introduce competent companies, make reasonable acquisitions of some cowboy enterprises, reorganize several or a number of enterprises, and form a joint stock company with high quality assets to apply for listing.

Under the joint efforts of the government and enterprises, in recent years, the sales of self owned clothing brands accounted for more than 50% of the total annual sales volume of the industry.

The annual sales volume of "SEBORN" and "HARLEY BOY" of Lian Chang company is about 40000000 yuan. The annual sales volume of long run's "Beatles", "Swiss long", "Ming Xuan long" and "dispatched ministers" is about 30000000 yuan, and the annual sales volume of "ADLO" of the company is up to about 30000000 yuan. The annual sales volume of "CIKELON Qi" of "Biao Qi" and "Snow Dragon" of the company is over 10 million yuan.

Junan cowboy has gradually developed towards its own brand and brand name, and the proportion of private brand sales has increased year by year.

Test water business platform

The continuous decline of the world economy has also affected the export of the enterprises of the same safety denim, and the purchasing power of the former US and EU markets has declined, and Junan is trying to develop new markets.

Junan cowboy enterprises are actively developing markets such as South Korea, Japan, South Africa, Israel and other Asian, African and Middle East markets, strengthening trade with these non restricted countries, and reducing the negative impact brought by the US and European restrictions through expanding sales channels.

Junan Town Government also encourages qualified enterprises to go abroad, strengthen business cooperation with developing countries such as India and Kampuchea, and penetrate products into the US and European markets through third countries.

An obvious fact is that after the outbreak of the financial tsunami, almost all those who survive badly are those that depend entirely on exports. Almost all those who survive well are those who set up domestic marketing channels early.

Therefore, the government encourages enterprises to enhance brand awareness, make good use of the brand resources of enterprises and the good reputation of regional brands of "Junan Cowboy", and further expand the domestic market.

Ouyang Yongheng, deputy director of the Economic Development Bureau of Jun'an Town, said that in the development of the domestic market, it was hard to get through the mode of advertising and exhibitors promotion in the past. The reason is that the enterprises that are safe haven't enough financial resources and enough talent system to support them.

The tension of the enterprise capital chain has led part of the enterprises to adopt the exclusive store mode to do domestic sales, and the expansion speed is not fast enough.

More enterprises take the way of brand cooperation, mainly cooperate with domestic brands such as seven wolves, YISHION, etc., on the one hand, do OEM processing; on the other hand, they use exclusive stores and brand marketing resources to promote their brand, but "slow down".

In recent years, the rapid development of e-commerce has made some uniform cowboy business owners heartbeat.

In the recent e-commerce seminar held by the cowboy Research Institute, more than 20 uniform jeans garment enterprises want to test the water e-business, so as to widen the product sales channel and shape the influence of the brand.

Ouyang Baojie, director of the Social Services Department of Guangdong Junan denim clothing Research Institute, said that the current uniform security denim garment enterprises are basically in a weak state of "no strong independent brand, no proprietary market channels, and lack of core competitiveness of the market", and most of the enterprises are export oriented enterprises.

Entering the field of electronic commerce is a challenge for enterprises and an opportunity for development.

Li Gao began to register in Taobao and Alibaba several years ago. "Now the equipment is relatively simple and the staff are few, but we are still moving forward.

Although our sales volume is about 2000 to 3000 yuan per month, the operation is not very good, but it can achieve the effect of brand promotion.

"We still need to solve many problems, such as equipment renewal and advertising investment, which need to be perfected gradually. The company will put e-commerce development in a more important position."

Wang Desheng, general manager of Li Gao clothing, said that because the brand has not yet started, the selling price on the Internet is very different from that of the franchised store, and the price can not be sold, which will also have an impact on the brand.

Moreover, they focus on factory manufacturing, and have not increased investment in e-commerce. The sales volume of e-commerce platform is not optimistic, but they will continue to try.

After attending the seminar, Tao Guangqing, planning manager of Shibran group, said, "we must enter the field of e-commerce this year, but we must not rush too quickly.

First, we need to introduce professionals from this field, and set up an e-commerce department as soon as possible.

He said he had been in the OEM production mode for 20 years, and had gone through the traditional marketing mode. Now it is time to change his business mode to walk away.

It is reported that the Greek Brown group has been doing the feasibility and planning report of e-commerce last year.

Guo Baolin, sales director of Chang Hao Garments Co. Ltd., regrets that the company chose the platform of B2C correctly.

He told reporters that foreign trade is generally a big order, and the production cycle is bound to elongate. Now the economy is sluggish. In order to avoid financial risks, we have to make short lists. Unstable orders lead to a reduction in production and then a loss of employees.

To reduce risk, the company started its operations on the B2C platform the year before last.

Alstar also plans to build an e-commerce sales network platform through the B2C platform, and also create an innovative M2C (manufacturer to consumer) remote customization platform. With the help of the digital garment manufacturing platform foundation, the remote network customization e-commerce sales platform will be established, changing the traditional sales mode of the original one to one (one to one production according to the traditional mode of mass production and then to the single consumer through retail channels), and turn it into a one to one customized production and sales mode.

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