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Robot Cat Children'S Shoes Into Remote Mountainous Areas For Children In The Mountains Dream

2012/6/5 9:35:00 24

Robot CatChildren'S ShoesPublic Welfare

Children's shoes and clothing brands in big cities are busy with various promotional activities, while robot cat children's shoes go into the remote mountain area at this time.

It is understood that in May 26th, robot cat shoes together with LP39 public welfare team launched a "love to go deep into the mountains" love dream public welfare activities, for children in two poor schools in Mu Zhi street, Songxian, Luoyang, sent to study and daily necessities.

Saturday is mostly a quiet campus. Early in the morning, two primary schools in Shengping and bamboo groves in Mu Zhi Street Township, Songxian, Luoyang, are very busy. As usual, the children are happy to play and laugh happily, but today they seem to be more excited than ever, and seem to be waiting for something.

Around 9:40, there were more than a dozen uninvited guests carrying boxes and bags in the campus of Shengping primary school, which interrupted children's play and attracted all their attention.

The people who came to love the deep dream were the initiators of the public welfare activities of love and dream. The robots, children's shoes and the staff of LP39, who had bumped along the mountain roads for more than 3 hours, arrived at the Mu Zhi Street Township in Songxian, Luoyang, with a donation. They accompanied the local village head and came to the destination for a moment.

After making some simple exchanges and greetings, the distribution of materials began. The children lined up well under the guidance of their teachers. Their faces were always full of smiles. Their clear eyes were full of anticipation. The uniforms, shoes and learning articles brought by the robot cat children's shoes would be sent to the children's immature hands.

In addition, the children who have difficulty in life have also given special provisions such as rice flour oil.

At about 20 noon, two schools donated all the items, and the children who had received gifts smiled brightly, and the staff seemed to forget the fatigue and hunger.

"They look really nice and sensible, and we feel very happy when we see them get these things," Mr. Chen said. "These things may not be very good for the kids in the city, but we hope that all the children can have a happy children's day and feel that a lot of people are concerned about them."

It is reported that the public service of "let love go deep into the mountains" is the second stop, and it was at last Saturday at Xingyang station that robot cat shoes met LP39, a like-minded friend.

According to introducing, LP39 is a public welfare team spontaneously organized by 31 loving people. Like the goal of robot cat's children's shoes, it is the hope that we can do our best to help children in these poor mountainous areas.

About robot cat children's shoes

Robot cat sporting goods Co., Ltd. is located in Jinjiang, China's footwear capital. It is a modern enterprise integrating development, production and sales. It devotes itself to the research and development of all kinds of high-end children's shoes. The robot cat is a cartoon character that children like. Robot cat shoes have been listed as one of the ten most popular cartoon brands in the world. It is fashionable, leisure, comfortable and childlike as one, giving children new brand experience.

The "love to go into the mountains" dream of public welfare activities and children grow together, create a better future brand idea coincides.

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