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The Number Of Exhibitions Should Soar.

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Frequent "crash" exhibition industry must be "cool thinking".

Shandong Pavilion will add "Big Mac".

The reporter learned from the Shandong exhibition industry association that Weihai is now stepping up the construction of Rushan Taiwan trade and logistics center. Its Taiwan capital goods exhibition and trading center has a floor area of 288 thousand square meters. After next year, it will become the largest international exhibition center in China.

In October last year, the Qingdao International Expo Center, located in Jimo hot spring town, Qingdao, began operation, with a total construction area of 220 thousand square meters, ranking fifth of the existing exhibition facilities in China.

"On the surface, the exhibition industry in Shandong seems to be very lively. The pavilion area is in the forefront of the whole country, and there are many exhibitions. However, compared with the surrounding developed provinces and cities, our overall strength needs to be improved. There are still many constraints in terms of institutional structure and policy support."

On the 1 day, Yan Fei, Executive Deputy Secretary General of the Shandong Exhibition Industry Association, told reporters in an interview with the reporter, "it is necessary to have a serious" cold thinking ". Only by straightening out the institutional structure and standardizing the operation, can the Convention and exhibition resources be included in the unified planning of the whole province, and the exhibition industry in the whole province can achieve a virtuous circle so as to realize the pformation from" big "to" strong ".

The exhibition frequently crashed.

According to statistics of Shandong Convention and Exhibition Industry Association, last year, the province held 571 exhibitions, 440 festivals and 433 conferences, and the total revenue of the Convention and exhibition industry reached 4 billion 248 million yuan, and the related industry income was 38 billion 300 million yuan.

The existing main exhibition venues are 36, with a total construction area of 2 million 822 thousand square meters, with an indoor exhibition area of 1 million 5 thousand square meters, an outdoor exhibition area of 1 million 298 thousand square meters, and 46 thousand international standard booths.

But the total volume of Shandong's Convention and exhibition economy still lags far behind the developed provinces and cities.

It is understood that last year, the direct output value of Zhejiang's Convention and exhibition industry reached 29 billion yuan, and the related output value was 261 billion yuan. The total revenue of Shanghai exhibition year accounted for nearly 50% of the whole country. Only Nanjing in Jiangsu province drew 30 billion yuan of related industry income, and the direct revenue generated by Beijing Convention and exhibition industry was as high as 17 billion yuan.

According to the 2011 China Exhibition Yearbook, the first tier exhibition cities in the whole country are Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The second tier exhibition cities are mainly Shenzhen, Dalian, Tianjin, Nanjing, Chengdu, Xi'an, Xiamen and Xiamen.

"The problems currently exposed in Shandong's Convention and exhibition industry are mainly due to the blind construction and low utilization rate of the pavilion, the lack of independent well-known brands, and the flooding of the same type of theme exhibition."

Yan Fei said that at present, the main exhibition venues in Shandong have reached 36, but less than 30% of the annual utilization rate is more than 15%. Many exhibition venues even hold 1 exhibitions every year.

This has caused the waste of resources, on the other hand, intensified the vicious competition in the industry, and restricted the healthy and orderly development of MICE industry.

In the 571 exhibitions held in Shandong last year, only 32 exhibiting an area of 20 thousand square meters or more, accounting for 5.6% of the total exhibitions. 61 of the exhibition items that were able to hold 5 or more brands with a certain brand influence were 10.68%.

In these uneven exhibitions, exhibitions of the same type are common.

According to incomplete statistics, Shandong has 5 manufacturing fairs, 4 building materials fairs, 3 new energy (solar energy) exhibition and 3 medical devices exhibition every year.

These exhibitions are highly competitive among themselves, even unfair competition, disrupting the order of the Convention and exhibition market, resulting in a great waste of resources.

Supporting policies need to be "overweight"

In Yan Fei's view, the most fundamental reason for the above problems is that the institutional structure of Shandong's Convention and exhibition industry has not been straightened out, and there is a lack of unified provincial competent departments, which lacks unified coordination and planning.

In this regard, Shandong Jiaotong University Management School Exhibition professional teacher Wang Hongyun also deeply understand.

She believes that at present, Hebei, Ningxia, Jilin, Sichuan, Xinjiang and other provinces and autonomous regions have set up professional exhibition offices or Expo bureaus. Shandong's Ji'nan, Qingdao, Linyi, Yantai, Dongying, Yantai and other cities have set up their own exhibition offices.

She suggested that as soon as possible, we should clarify the unified centralized management of exhibition and audit, business guidance and other work, and gradually establish the industry standard, industry standard and corresponding qualification criteria for exhibition industry in the province, so as to ensure that the exhibition industry develops towards specialization, standardization and legalization.

"In an exhibition held in Anhui, we have hundreds of thousands of yuan subsidy funds for the local government. I hope we can get more benefits in Shandong later."

Du Lei, chairman and general manager of Ji'nan China Trade Exhibition Co., Ltd., deputy director general of Shandong Exhibition Industry Association, said.

It is understood that in addition to Anhui, Sichuan and other places willing to "spend a large sum of money", Beijing also introduced the exhibition industry support policy, giving the brand exhibition organizers subsidy funds up to 1 million to 5 million yuan per session; although there are a small number of subsidies in Shandong, but the provincial level lacks the policy and financial support for the brand exhibition.

Du Lei suggested that the Shandong Convention and exhibition industry, while straightening out the institutional structure, draw lessons from the practice of the fraternal provinces, use financial funds to support the development of mice and set up an account of "special funds for mice development" in the "Shandong provincial service industry development guidance fund" set up by the provincial finance, and focus on supporting the training of brand exhibitions and Exhibition talents.

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