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The 100Th Shanghai Shoe Leather Exhibition Concluded Successfully.

2012/6/5 9:52:00 14

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The exhibition has 650 booths, attracting more than 160 famous shoe leather brands from Spain, including Italy, West, France, Paul Rand, Audi, Kangnai, Japan and so on.

Reporters learned from the Organizing Committee of the exhibition and exhibitors that the exhibition had a remarkable docking effect, and many brands achieved the desired effect. But a few of the brand exhibitors had regrets for lack of experience in participating in the exhibition.

AOKANG's brand beauty beauty and Wanli Wade strongly entered the 100th Shanghai shoe leather exhibition.

Chu Xiuqi, President of the Chinese Department Store Association, gave high praise to the high-end portfolio of its two brands, and pointed out that in the future, shopping centres should be selective and reflect the high-end position of the brand.

This year's second exhibition from Germany, said that it should fill the gap in the Chinese market with the positioning of anti pressure leisure brands.

Wang Zhentao, chairman of AOKANG group, threw an olive branch on the spot during the exhibition.

The third exhibition of Kangnai, with the theme of "every step is enjoyment", focuses on the high-end custom series of Kangnai family. The image of high quality products attracts many attention. Online B2C platform Jingdong mall invites it to join.

Pierre's brand carries the online and offline two stocks to the exhibition, and strives to create "Le Mai electric power operation and maintenance port". Under the line, the main line is "one hundred years of comfortable women's shoes", and strive to occupy online and offline dual markets.

The overall layout of the exhibition adds a lot of popularity to it.

The Zhejiang Blue Sword shoe industry Co., Ltd., the famous brand, the blue pavilion with the theme of "aircraft" shows its speed and determination to expand the online market.

It is reported that it has successfully settled in Tmall and Jingdong, and sales are rising.

Founded in 2011, the CUUD Brand Co operated with Italy SYNCRO company in 2006 and established a joint research and development organization in Guangzhou. The product has successfully entered the international arena. This time, it also came to the exhibition with a great reputation. It attracted the attention of department stores such as Wangfujing, Yintai and other departments. During the exhibition, more than 30 agents went to the booth to help them.

In addition, there is a regional brand beautiful port from Chengdu. The unique mode of self selection on its booth has attracted the attention of many professional audiences.

It is understood that the currently used container in the beautiful port has broken the traditional shop container mode, and has applied for a patent in 2011.

"I am very grateful to the shoe industry exhibition in Shanghai for giving me such an opportunity to display," said Huang Xiaopeng, general manager of beautiful port.

As the exhibition is in celebration of the 100th anniversary, the organizers of the exhibition organized a number of high-value forum exchange activities during the same period, so that the exhibition will become a brand event while offering a feast of thought to the brand and professional audience.

This has been well received by many brands and professional audiences.

Liu Suyun, from Liaoning's shoe industry, said that after listening to the series of lectures on "commodity planning and popular seminars", after listening to the Ytrends design and fashion trend forecasting consultant, President of the consultancy company, many ideas changed.

In addition, apart from brand and channel professionals, the exhibition also welcomed Kirsten, director of the GDS project of the Dusseldorf Exhibition Group Corporation, the director of the Dusseldorf Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., general manager Zeng Yao De, Zhu Yulun, chairman of Hongkong International Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

According to Xue Lijun, general manager of Shanghai Baicheng Business Service Co., Ltd., Shanghai, the two sides have already discussed cooperation, and the next will be strong and strong.

It is understood that the 101st Shanghai shoe leather exhibition will be held in Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center from 26 to 28 May 2013.

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