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The Core Management Of Luxury Brand Honest By -- Honesty And Spanparency Are Most Important.

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Honest by is the world's first one hundred percent spanparent. Luxury fashion brand Its spanparency is shocking. The reason for this is that the brand honestly discloses the source of all products, the information of manufacturing and suppliers, and the detailed price calculation: spanparency of materials, spanparency of manufacturers and manufacturing details, spanparency of price calculation and spanparency of environmental costs. The brand respects the concept of ecological environment and sustainable fashion. All fabrics and accessories try to select materials that are least harmful to ecology, humans and animals.

Bruno Peters, Bruno Pieters, was born in Belgium in 1977 and graduated from the Royal Academy of Antwerp in 1999. He is a member of the design faction of Antwerp, Antwerp. In June 2007, the quiet perfectionist was appointed artistic director of Hugo by Hugo Boss. Three years later, Bruno Peters (Bruno Pieters) unexpectedly left Hugo Boss and took a one year vacation and trip to India. There, he became concerned about our ecology, environment and animal welfare. Various social problems inspired him to rethink fashion and create a revolutionary new brand, Honest by.

Honest by's brand profile:

Honest by is the first one hundred percent in the world. Transparency The luxury fashion brand.

About Bruno Pieters:Bruno Pieters, Belgium fashion designer, former Hugo by Hugo Boss creative director, Honest by founder.

Bruno Pieters's annual Chronicle:

He graduated from Royal College of Art in 1999 (Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp) in Antwerp.

In July 2001, the Bruno Pieters was first published in Paris's advanced uniform fashion week.

2002 Bruno Pieters clothing series.

2005-2009 became the design director of men's wear series of Delvaux, a Belgian leather product brand with long history.

In June 2007, she became the creative director of Hugo by Hugo Boss and started her successful cooperation with the Hugo Boss brand for three years. In the same period, we expanded the brand of Bruno Pieters, and began the series of glasses accessories and household clothes.

In 2010, Pieters took a year's rest to travel in India.

The Bruno Pieters brand ended in February 2011. To launch the Bruno Pieters series for the Swedish brand Weekday (H&M group).

In 2012, Bruno Pieters launched the world's first 100% spanparent fashion boutique brand, Honest by.

Most luxury brands can hardly tell their customers the information behind each dress. Honest by's Honest refers to the "100% spanparent brand strategy": giving customers spanparent and open. Clothing information " Honest by discloses all the raw materials used, manufacturing suppliers' information, cost and pricing strategy. Our customers can get information on raw materials, manufacturing and price calculation of each of our garments from the official website of Honest by. Honest by is the world's first fashion luxury brand to disclose all the materials and manufacturing details.

1, spanparency of materials: from cloth, stitch to everything on clothing, such as buttons, zippers, labels, safety pins and so on, are all open sources. This includes data from suppliers, including the year of establishment, address, telephone number, name of the boss, website and so on, all posted on the official website so that customers can check it.

2. Transparency of manufacturing and manufacturing details: product introduction, manufacturing plant data (including manufacturer's name, address, name of the person in charge, production time, number of employees and production quantity).

3. Transparency of price strategy: cost spanparency: all the materials used (cloth, all costumes and parts cost including a button, label...), shipping costs, brand fees, manufacturing costs and other expenses. The pricing strategy of wholesalers and retailers: publish the pricing strategy of wholesalers and retailers, and elaborate on the cost involved. Customers can get one hundred percent Honest by total cost and wholesale price and retail price.

4, the spanparency of carbon emissions for each product production process, the total carbon dioxide content is honestly announced to customers: for example, the production of a sleeveless printing dress, materials and production process produced a total of 2,53 kilograms of carbon dioxide. This is equivalent to driving a car for 15.81 kilometers, or using an ordinary light bulb for 97.31 hours; on average, a tree can absorb about 3268 kilograms of carbon dioxide a year. Therefore, 2,53 kilograms of carbon dioxide will absorb a tree for 281 days to process 2,53 kilograms of carbon dioxide. This carbon footprint is calculated by Ecolife (Belgium Environmental Protection Agency).

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