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Tianjin Cotton Industry Association Warned Cotton Prices Down

2012/6/5 14:41:00 57

Cotton IndustryPrice Index

Reporter from Tianjin

Cotton industry

The Association learned that from the end of May to the beginning of June, the price of international cotton continued to decline, and the difference between domestic and foreign cotton prices continued to expand. The sharp fall in the price of the cotton market affected the barometer of the domestic cotton industry chain.

In view of the recent decline in prices, four false rumors and the increasing pessimism in the industry, the National Cotton Association has issued industry warning recently that the goal of the cotton macro-control policy is to stabilize the market, which will not change.

It is hoped that the cotton enterprises will believe in the ability of the government to control the macro-economy and grasp the rhythm of production and operation.

Recently, the international cotton market is concerned about the withdrawal of Greece from the euro area, and the global economic slowdown has deepened, and international cotton prices continue to fall.

The price index of China's imported cotton is 86.94 cents / pound, lower than the domestic similar level of 4883 yuan.

In late May, Chinese cotton

price index

The drop is the lowest since March 2011.

The goal of cotton macro-control policy is stability, and this policy will not change.

According to the recent market analysis, the weather in most of the cotton fields in China is normal, which is conducive to the growth of cotton seedlings, and the precipitation in the Yangtze River Basin has weakened.

Xinjiang cotton railway has been accelerated.

Judging from the present situation, the weather condition in Xinjiang is generally good, the light temperature is suitable, the growth of new cotton is favorable, the growth of cotton is good, and the growth period is 1 to 14 days ahead of schedule. The cotton area in the the Yellow River river basin is characterized by high temperature and sufficient light, and most of the soil moisture is suitable. The cotton seedling develops normally. However, due to the high temperature and little rain, there are different degrees of drought in some areas of Hebei and Henan, which are slightly unfavorable to the growth of cotton.

According to the statistics of Xinjiang autonomous region and corps cotton association, up to now, the total processing of lint is about 3 million 500 thousand tons, with an average of 250 vehicles per day.

At present, there are nearly 1 million 600 thousand tons of cotton (including 1 million 160 thousand tons of cotton reserves) waiting for shipment.

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