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Wu Haiyan: One Of The Most Influential Designers In China'S Clothing Industry.

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Wu HaiyanDesigner

Designer brief introduction

Currently vice president of China Fashion Designers Association.

He is a member of the academic committee of The China Academy of Art, director, professor and doctoral tutor of dyeing and weaving department.

Ren WHY DESIGN, President and art director of Beijing Wu Haiyan textile garments (Design) Co., Ltd.

He is executive director of China Fashion Color Association.

He is the vice president of the indoor culture research association of China Home Textile Industry Association, the vice president of the designer branch, and the director of the cloth art committee.

Director of the Chinese American Fashion Association.

He was appointed clothing education expert of Jiangsu provincial education department and French National Education Ministry of China and France fashion training center in Jiangsu.

Conference site

On the evening of May 28th, in the woods of the South Campus of Zhongyuan University of Technology, the smoke dispersed and the lights flickered.

Built on the T platform, the school's fashion show professional students, wearing elegant skirts and graceful steps, show the audience a series of costumes designed by Wu Haiyan, a famous Chinese fashion designer.

2012 the launching ceremony of the clothing culture week of Zhongyuan University of Technology and the work conference of Professor Wu Haiyan, the famous fashion designer, and the Central Plains clothing culture and art design center of Zhongyuan University of Technology were held for the first time in the Southern District of Zhongyuan University of Technology.

Director of Lei Bao Ping, Exhibition Department of Henan Trade Promotion Committee, vice president of China Fashion Association, vice president of the Eighth China Fashion Color Association, Chen Yongbin, general manager of Zhengzhou leading Clothing Co., Ltd., Zhao Sunli, chairman of Henan apparel industry association, chairman of Zhengzhou Ya Li Da Garments Co., Ltd., Zhao Sunli, chairman of Henan garment industry association, Zhengzhou Liu Tao Fashion Co., Ltd., Wang Lin, assistant general manager of Henan Tai Si Clothing Co., Ltd., Xu Ruichao, Professor of vice president of Henan Institute of Engineering and many media reporters were invited to attend the conference.

The conference shows 12 sets of silk series of "Fuchun residential map". The design of clothing pattern is presented in black, white and grey tones. The real artistic tension of paintings is represented through contrast, rhythm and level of light and shade.

Grey, white and black silk are decorated with spring, water, hills and mountains, which are large, small, solid, and dense. They break the balance of undulating clothes and show the changes of light and shade and rich spatial levels. Under the interpretation of the models, the expression of Fuchun's landscape is dark and magnificent.

The exhibition also featured professor Wu Haiyan's other clothing series "book not book", which is a cross-border work created by Professor Wu in Hangzhou as the book "Chinese calligraphy city" and "West Lake world natural and cultural heritage" declared by Hangzhou.

Winning experience

In 1992, "ancient feelings" won the first prize in the first national costume design and painting competition.

In 1993, the heyday was the only Gold Award for the first "brother Cup" China International Youth costume designer competition.

In 1995 and 1997, it was awarded the top ten fashion designers in China twice.

In 1995, it was praised by Japan Asahi weekly as the top of the "five best" fashion designers in China.

In 1999, the work of "pition" was awarded the gold medal of the Ninth China National Art Exhibition.

In 2001, it was awarded the "Golden Summit" award by the China Fashion Association and the China Fashion Designers Association.

In 2002, the Organizing Committee of China International Youth costume designer competition and Japan brothers Industrial Co., Ltd. awarded the award of the "brothers Cup" award after the award.

In 2000, 2001 and 2002, he won the Shanghai International Costume Culture Festival design achievement award.

In 2004, the Internet won the top ten fashion designers of the Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival.

In 2004, he won the Lu Xun prize in literature and art in Zhejiang Province - the outstanding achievement award.

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