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Four Indispensable Items For Men'S Wardrobe

2012/6/5 14:49:00 39

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Do not want to let the street shots missed themselves, do you know how to do it? Summer has already unwittingly molested your sense of touch, to do the most attractive Street filming people, we must have the most accurate sense of touch, your wardrobe must have 4 pieces of single product!

Loose coat

Key words: refreshing, splicing, color

The point:

Fashion buyer

The elder Nick Wooster, though not singing or dancing, does not act as a TV play, but has a large fan base.

This street God has the most acute fashion sense and changeable style. He seems to love the fresh and clean suit coat this spring. Whether it matches the same hot tie or a tie, it will make you feel that this fashionable gentleman looks so refreshing.


Key words: Bermuda shorts, nine pairs of trousers, trouser legs

The point: you can choose shorts or choose nine pairs of trousers, but not trousers.

The sudden rise of Bermuda Shorts has finally liberated men's thighs. The rolled up trouser legs are the men's hidden feet, showing the unique sex appeal of men.

It is worth mentioning that the trouser legs are not just jeans and khaki.

Haren pants

This year's patent, whether it is a tannin jeans or a pair of trousers, can pull up the trouser legs together.


Key words: grid, decorative pattern, pure color

The point: do you have socks in your closet or only simple black and white ash? Do you still hide them in their shoes and trousers? Now let's get them out of the way.

The simple and unique geometric patterns on socks are really very eye-catching through the smell of decorative art. Simple and classic black and white lattices with tannin's clean colors are so simple.


Key words: retro, carved, spliced, colliding colors

The point: retro, carving, splicing, collision color, this is the most important keywords of this year's men's shoes!

leather shoes

Classic Joker, with striped socks, seems to be tasteful but not old-fashioned. The crash of color and splicing is not conventional. However, since shoes are so colorful, socks should be simple and do not grab the limelight of shoes.

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