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Zhang Zhaoda: The Hidden Code Of Life Behind Fashion

2012/6/5 15:05:00 215

Zhang ZhaodaDesigner

The so-called "dress taste", the most adoring person before a person is adulthood or longing to decide the memory of his life. Clothes are expressing some inner appeal of people.

Zhang Zhaoda deconstructed the hidden codes of life behind fashion.

   How to express appeals with clothes

To be respected: human nature is to revere or even worship things that cannot be seen. If you want to be respected, you will choose to have fine texture. It will give you a sense of authority and can not be seen through. Leadership clothing should be done with cuffs and shoulders. In the distance, people only see the shoulder line, which is very important.

Get help: on the contrary, clothing that wants to get help should be released. Clothes can't reflect light unless you want to cheat each other. Luminous fabrics, shoes and golden glasses make people feel helpless.

Improve your mood: when you are frustrated, you must wear warm colors; when you are successful, wear cool clothes and be sensible. Clothing is the first protective color of human beings.

Workplace image: education and politicians should wear more cool colors to keep calm, calm and intelligent. They should wear warm colors to make themselves and businesses more popular. People who engage in creative work should wear clothes that others have not seen and have subversive clothes to fully display their personalities. {page_break}

   The highest level of fashion is dream.

Reporter: what is the basis of people's choice of clothing styles and prices nowadays?

Zhang Zhaoda: from the low to the high level of clothing, it meets different moral levels. Wholesale clothing for waking people; second-line brand for "living" people; designer brand, high fashion fashion for "love" people; luxury, high customization for "dream" people.

Reporter: so luxury is a dream.

Zhang Zhaoda: luxury is the same as making dreams and selling dreams. It is a conspiracy of star designers, flagship stores, high quality products, media hype and cultural symbols.

   The style of dress embodies belief.

Reporter: how do you interpret design inspiration and fashion trend?

Zhang Zhaoda: inspiration is a creative state of thinking. Trend is a social phenomenon and a trend of things. The trend of fashion is a kind of behavior or consciousness which is driven by some kind of consciousness and imitated in the form of imitation. It is a symbol of a period.

In the clothing design, the fabric expression connotation, the color express grade, the design expression individuality. Wear clothes must have their own tastes and beliefs, others can not use his style and logic around you. The key to dressing is what kind of person he wants to shape himself. Therefore, it is very important for a person's beliefs, views on the world and lifestyle advocated.

   The pursuit of happiness promotes social progress.

Reporter: how to define the fashion and fashion industry?

Zhang Zhaoda: fashion is a model of life. A few people create fashionable lifestyles and cultural concepts and are chased by the public. Elegant, simple, luxurious, sexy... It is the pronoun of fashion. Its core is a kind of spiritual energy, and it is a potential to pursue perfect and happy life. The pursuit of fast fashion is a driving force for social progress. The fashion industry is a kind of industry without boundaries and extensions. Art, culture, creativity, aesthetics, philosophy... Various elements and resources are combined, marketing and spread in various forms. Their ultimate product is to create a better life structure for mankind and create a better human dream.

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