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This Summer Fashion Dress Is Beautiful.

2012/6/5 15:34:00 25

DressChiffon Skirt

Net cowboy short sleeved summer dress, pure color in simple reveals a fashion atmosphere, let you wear the popular sense of beauty. It can be very sweet, can be very elegant, and also very popular, let the petty bourgeoisie women show their fresh girl's breath in their hands.

The Korean version of V has two sets of vest skirts. The simple style has a modern atmosphere for the leisure, and gives a charming charm. The elegant taste of the texture is interpreted, bringing out the sweet and delicious flavor.

Sweet pearl buckled jeans and chiffon stitching dress, witty and mature flavor, which belongs to the low-key texture of light and familiar beauty.

2012 Xia new style European and American antique cowboy netting chiffon skirt, minimalist route, cute little practice and pure fashion single product. Add a lot of gentle charm, bringing you the sweetness that no one can block.

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