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Asia'S Largest Outdoor Products Exhibition Will Be Held In Late 7.

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BrandOutdoor Products Exhibition

2012 the Asia Outdoor Products Fair will be held on July 26th ~29 at the Nanjing International Expo Center.

Reporters learned from the organizing committee, recently, the Ministry of Commerce issued the Ministry of Commerce in 2012 to support the exhibition list, sponsored by Nanjing Ningfei International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Outdoor products exhibition

The meeting will be among them.

It is learnt that in order to effectively display the demonstration effect of key exhibitions and promote the healthy development of the exhibition industry, in 2012, the Ministry of Commerce will continue to guide and support the exhibition with good driving effect, large scale influence and distinctive industry characteristics.

After the recommendation of the local commercial authorities and industry associations, the expert committee's accreditation and online publicity, the Ministry of Commerce has identified 108 exhibitions as the Ministry of Commerce in 2012 to guide and support the exhibition.

As the leading exhibition of China's outdoor products industry, the Asia Outdoor products exhibition has become the only item in the outdoor industry.

Through the past 6 sessions, the Asian outdoor exhibition has developed into the largest trade exhibition in Asia, with the largest number of exhibitors and the largest number of professional visitors.

The exhibition can be included in the Ministry of Commerce's guidance and support exhibition list, which fully demonstrates the recognition and support of the Ministry of Commerce in the outdoor industry.

Nanjing Ningfei International Exhibition Co., Ltd. promises to plan, organize and serve sincerely, and strive to achieve the leading role of Asian outdoor exhibition in stimulating consumption, adjusting structure, promoting industrial development and economic cooperation.

It is understood that the 2012 Asian outdoor exhibition was hot. As of early May, nearly 400 companies have signed up. The area already registered has reached 90% of the planned exhibition area, exceeding the total scale of the previous exhibition.

Organizers expect that the total scale of outdoor exhibition will reach 48 thousand square meters this year.

Although the deadline for registration was not long before, the organizing committee continued to receive applications and telephone calls from enterprises.

This year, the application of Asian outdoor exhibition reflects the rapid development of the outdoor products market in 2012. On the other hand, it also reflects the general recognition of Asian outdoors in the industry. It hopes to promote the business and brand by the Asian outdoor exhibition platform.

Reporters learned that this year's Asian outdoor exhibition has intensified the convening of professional audiences and media publicity, and all supporting services will be improved.

Many exhibitions will be kept in line with activities such as outdoor industry awards, industrial development forum, fashion show, tent area, rock climbing competition, rock and roll music evening.

In addition, this year's exhibition site also plans to increase the flat band performance and experience area.

It is also reported that the 2012 Asian Bicycle Show, which is jointly held with the Asian outdoor exhibition, is still in the heat.

This year's Asian bicycle show plans to launch two exhibition halls. The exhibition area will expand 1 times to 24 thousand square meters.

At present, the 2012 Asian auto show is hot. 80% of the 2011 exhibitors confirm that they will continue to participate, and most of them will expand the booth area. This year, many new brands will join.

It is expected that the brand will reach 250 this year.

At the same time, China's local brands are gradually pforming into sports and high-end bicycle market.

UCC, Citybug and Saike have all confirmed to participate in the 2012 Asian Bicycle Show, and will bring the latest high-end sports bicycles.

In addition to a series of coordination activities, such as exhibition, indoor test road, industrial development forum, fashion show and endurance race, the exhibition will also increase the two activities of Tibet riding salon and miss bicycle competition. It will also serve as a free agent for international brand exhibitors looking for domestic agents and domestic agents seeking international brand cooperation, so as to improve the efficiency of bilateral business cooperation.

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