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Tom Lily's "61 Activities" For Children And Couples Ended Successfully In Guangzhou.

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In order to give feedback to new and old customers to support this brand, parents and children couple specially arranged for the "children's day on June 1" to be offered by the company's marketing department and design department. The manager and design director of the marketing department personally put on the doll of Tom Lili to send gifts to the children. In order to express our gratitude to the consumers, the customers who bought clothes at the official flagship store in Guangzhou on the same day could enjoy a 12% off discount and gift presentation.

Tom Lily celebrates 61 activities

Tom Lily's parent-child couple "


"The event was held in Guangzhou fashion Tianhe, attracting many children and parents, and won the recognition of many consumers.

Tom Lily is not only in

Clothing style

To cater to the fashion trend, we also pay attention to the quality and technology of clothing, and pay more attention to the family culture and the dissemination of love.

Tom Lily's "61" activities

Tom Lily parent-child

Couples dress

This activity has resonated with many consumers, giving consumers a clearer picture of the source and location of Tom Lily's brand.

Tom and Lili are lovers. They always think about how to make each other happier. They always want to let each other feel the importance of their existence at all times.

Their love has been built into a beautiful marriage. Children are the crystallization of their love and the continuation of their lives. They no longer take their eyes on each other's body but instead turn it into a family culture.

Tom no matter whether he is busy or tired, he will take time to take his wife and children to the park for a walk. They always like to wear symbolic clothes, so that children and other children can remember that the home is the warmest.

The 61 activities of Tom Lily's love affair with children are successfully concluded in Guangzhou fashion Tianhe. Thanks to all the members of the marketing department and the careful design of the design department, Tom Lily's tomorrow will be more brilliant.

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