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Guangdong College Fashion Week Is Over, "Guangzhou International Textile City Cup" Silver Award.

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In June 3rd, 2012 Chinese (Guangdong) students took 12 days. Fashion Week The curtain was successfully dropped. "Guangzhou International Textile City" seems to have regained its calm in the past. This fashion week is wonderful. It is a fashion feast for everyone. On the evening of June 3rd, the Guangzhou International Light Textile City 2012 Guangdong college students' best costume design competition finals and the designated fabric group creative design competition were solemnly staged. After fierce competition, after careful and rigorous evaluation by the judges, the gold, silver, bronze and excellent prizes of the competition were finally announced. In this competition, Deng Yuming and Chen Lingxuan's "the beauty of the night" of Guangdong Peizheng College won the silver award and the best creative award. The 2 of Liu Jiefeng's textile and Fashion Institute, Liu Jiefeng's "lurker", won the silver award. Now let's savour their award-winning works.

(1) No. 2 Liu Jiefeng's dormant is dominated by black and white.

Black hat with cool black boots, "lurker" is full of meaning.

The bright coloured handsome coat and black shirt match each other.

Classic white coat with a long sword, quite a chivalrous demeanor.


(two) 19 Deng Yuming and Chen Lingxuan's "the beauty of the night" is dominated by black.

A black dress reflects the beauty of the night.

The black mask has unique charm.

The bat style cloak shows its unique charm.

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