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Sustained Negative Impact On The Market, Zhengmian Limit

2012/6/5 18:48:00 17

Zheng CottonCotton Price DownCotton Market

Domestic futures market suffered heavy setbacks yesterday.

Limit down

The 5 main contracts, including Zheng cotton, all show down, while cotton leads the agricultural products sector. The main contract 1209 closed down 4.02%, becoming the only limit variety in the agricultural products sector.


Zheng cotton

Under the extreme negative impact of the market, the low and low prices will eventually be closed at the limit price.

The main contract 1301 contracts above 3181 hand empty single seal on the price limit board, in recent months 1209 contracts also 7211 hands empty single firmly sealed in the stop board price.

From the position of the top 20 members of the position, the main 1301 contracts continue to increase holdings of 7357 hands, short holdings 2485 hands.

Judging from the recent main position, there seems to be a lot of intervention in bargain hunting, which is intended to win the future contract.

On the spot side, China's cotton price index (CC Index 328) closed at 18680 yuan / ton, or 32 yuan / ton.

China's cotton import index (FC Index M) closed at 81.91 cents / pound, a discount tax of about 14258 yuan / ton, compared with the same level of real estate cotton price difference of 4422 yuan / ton.

The average price of pure cotton yarn C32S combs is 25930 yuan / ton, and the price of 32 pure cotton twill is 6.39 yuan / meter.

On the surface, the data released by China Textile Industry Federation recently showed that in the first 4 months of this year, the overall operation of the textile industry was rather grim, and the growth rate of production, investment and domestic sales continued to decline. The downward pressure on exports was large. The deficit of Enterprises above designated size was near 1/5, and the deficit increased by 120% over the same period last year.

The difficulties currently faced by enterprises are mainly due to domestic consumption slump, comprehensive costs rising, profitability continued to be difficult, increasing international trade frictions, weak demand in Europe and the United States, and the introduction of measures by developed economies to attract manufacturing backflow.

On the basic level, the downstream market sales pressure is difficult to alleviate, and it is difficult for the products to be realized to make the textile factories tight.

The sales of the spot market continued to be sluggish, and there were still no sales of leather cotton in Xinjiang, and the deal was nearly stagnant.

Although the spot price of cotton in Xinjiang is stable, but because of insufficient consumption, the enterprises' willingness to replenishment will be weak.

External cotton continues to operate and cotton.


The advantage is still obvious, the huge price difference has dragged down the rebound of cotton market price, and has also increased the cost burden of enterprises.

Last night, the US cotton bottomed out, and the small line with long lead wires was collected, which still hit a new low in recent years.

The market is shrinking as a result of vendor buyers buying, and signs that cotton is seriously oversold and will rebound.

But the US cotton market is still the dominant factor, and there may be further downturns in the future.

On the technical side, cotton prices on Monday broke through the pre lows and broke into a new low this year.

Last week's peripheral market eased slightly, Tuesday Zheng cotton or maintain a low weak shock.

In operation, it is not recommended that more single intervention should be taken to seize the rebound operation, and the upper single space can continue to be held. It will remain on the sidelines within a day, or after the effective suppression of the 18750 Yuan area, the light storehouse will continue to sell short.

Analysts believe that, due to the continued spread of the European debt crisis, the signs of slowing global economic growth are more and more obvious, and domestic policy expectations are not sustainable, resulting in a very poor macroeconomic atmosphere, and the fundamentals are continuing to evolve into negative direction. "

Black May

"It is hard to say that the end of the commodity market in June is expected to continue the downward trend in May, but the decline in varieties and decline is expected to shrink compared with May.

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