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Teach You To Choose Jogging Shoes To Make You Exercise Efficiently And Healthfully.

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Summer is here. Although the temperature is rising rapidly, you can't forget to exercise. Running is a good choice.

The economy is also a good prescription for losing weight. At the same time, we can also adjust our mindset and forget our worries.

A pair of running shoes suitable for yourself is indispensable.

This year, professional sports shoes salesmen teach you how to choose the most suitable jogging shoes for you.

Because the soft tissue inside the knee is a very fragile part, the long-term impact will wear out, and once worn out, it will be difficult to grow longer.

How to choose a pair of running shoes? According to the sales shoes salesperson of excellent shoe online, you can choose it according to your gait.

According to the introduction, when running, the outer side of the sole will contact with the ground first.

For the same foot type, the worn parts of the sole may be different. This is because each person's running posture is different. The normal order of the foot in the movement process should be the heel first touchdown, then the center of gravity will fall on the whole sole of the foot, then smoothly pition to the five toes, and at the same time force and push the ground.

Normal gait

At the end of a gait cycle, the toe will drive the ankle slightly outward.

The foot and ankle can keep a straight line with the calf.

After landing, the center of gravity will fall on the whole sole.

This means that the foot and ankle can absorb the shock from the ground effectively, support and stabilize the body, and prepare for the pedaling of the toes.

This is normal gait.

If you run your toes, you will drive your ankle to the inside. After your landing, you will have a serious valgus, and the center of gravity will fall on the inside of your feet.

Foot and ankle can not provide good stability to the body, and vibration from the ground can not be effectively absorbed.

It is a kind of gait with serious internal rotation. The online shopping mall also has your own style, with good stability and sports control function.

When you run, your toe will turn your ankle outward.

After landing, the center of gravity falls on the outside of the foot.

But in the whole gait cycle, the heart will not turn to the inside.

Due to the continuous force on the outside of the foot after landing, it will cause the foot to bear most of the pressure while pedaling away from the ground.

If your gait is full of external rotation, you can rest assured that the running shoes with strong flexibility and shock absorption function, especially the sole with a breathable interlayer with moderate density, can also meet your requirements.

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