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Quanzhou Private Shoe Enterprises Happiness Index Survey Employee Happiness Business Efficiency

2012/6/6 15:46:00 11

Shoe CompaniesXTEPHongxing Erke

2012 Quanzhou private shoe enterprises happiness index survey activities officially launched, has aroused the attention of all sectors of society and heated debate. Many readers called to talk freely and others put forward valuable suggestions.

"The sense of happiness of employees is the source of enterprise development." Xiao Xuri, manager of Enterprise Culture Department of XTEP group, thinks that employee happiness index can indirectly reflect a company's good remuneration, welfare and culture, and for employees, it shows a higher sense of belonging and loyalty. It is precisely because of the company's concern for employees that we can win the favor of all sides, win the loyalty of employees, get long-term development and achieve greater benefits. At the same time, happiness index survey can help enterprises find deficiencies, promote, improve and optimize, so as to create better conditions for talents' selection and retention, and promote healthy development of enterprises.

"The happier the employee, the more efficient the company is." Hong Yingfen, deputy director of Hongxing Erke brand center, said that giving employees the opportunity to learn and grow, their sense of happiness will increase and enterprises will flourish.

"Happiness index is an important management index." Dr. Ouyang Zhonghui, Dean of the Chen Shouren School of business and information in Quanzhou normal college, told reporters that Quanzhou was recently identified as the "happiest city" by migrant workers in the survey of 20 major employment cities in China. This is the glory of Quanzhou, the honor of Quanzhou municipal government and business managers, as well as the encouragement of the migrant workers' brothers to Quanzhou government, enterprises and ordinary people.

Dr. Ouyang Zhonghui said that Quanzhou's government leaders, private entrepreneurs and the general public welcome, care for and care for the new Quanzhou people. They will win together with them and provide them with the best policies and conditions as far as possible, so that they can have a sense of family in the beautiful coastal city of Quanzhou. It is the best experience for a harmonious society.

According to Dr. Ouyang, the government leaders and business managers in Quanzhou have applied the happiness index of employees as an important management index, which is good for employees and management, and is more conducive to Quanzhou's "two pioneering work".

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