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The New Trend Of Footwear Industry Is "The Yangtze River Delta Footwear And Clothing Industry Alliance" Is Gradually Forming.

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Recently, some of the shoe and clothing business owners from Ningbo came to Shanghai, Jiangsu and other developed areas of clothing industry to explore ideas, find business opportunities and solve the new pattern of industrial development.

Looking for a way out in an enterprise crisis

Footwear industry is a competitive industry in Ningbo.

But since last year, external demand has gradually shrunk, exports have been troubled by low growth and so on. Expanding domestic demand is facing a lack of channels and fierce competition, making shoes and clothing industry facing the pressure of internal and external difficulties. Transformation and upgrading is imminent.

"This year's export situation is a bit sluggish, demand in Europe has fallen sharply, and merchants are very sensitive to prices. Raising prices is very difficult.

For our pure export shoes and clothing enterprises, there is a certain pressure on the operation.

Chen Yongjiu, director of the office of Cixi Xiangsheng company, said.

Over the past few years, "Ningbo outfit" has also increased its efforts to expand domestic sales, but most enterprises lack independent sales channels, and there is no effective way to expand domestic demand.

Ningbo Wan Li Chun Co., Ltd. is a well-known enterprise in China. Besides OEM exports, the company has made OEM processing for brands such as YOUNGOR, Ordos and fig, and has established its own brand image shops and stores in many cities in China. However, facing the pressure of shrinking external demand and rising production, "Wan Li Chun" still felt the chill.

Wu Lianjiang, general manager of the company, said that the labor cost has gone up very badly now, and the profit of processing a sweater is getting thinner and thinner. The company hopes to find some new ways and means.

Under heavy pressure, Ningbo footwear enterprises have also intensified their efforts in local exchanges and cooperation.

Under the organization of the Ningbo chamber of Commerce, last week, more than 20 enterprises in Ningbo shoes and clothing industry came to Shanghai Jiangsu to carry out an inspection tour.

"Learn from others" is full of joy.

At the first stop of the survey, "Songjiang fashion Valley", Jiang Hairun, the head of the Ningbo children's wear brand "Ai FA Bei", seemed to linger on.

The "China fashion fabrics exhibition and release center" in the fashion valley of Songjiang shows the latest textile fabrics of all kinds of fabric enterprises. Jiang Hai run, who is looking for children's new fabrics, has been interested in these fabrics. After exchanging, Jiang Hai Run finalized the 4 new fabrics displayed by the center, ready to be used in the development of the company's new children's wear.

Red bean group's "Wuxi textile materials exchange" showcase the new fabric provided by more than 300 national fabric enterprises, which let more "learn from" Ningbo enterprises shine.

"Our company has many fabrics, and can also customize fabrics for enterprises. Our products can also be displayed here."

Fu Hongping, general manager of Ningbo Guangyuan Textile Co., Ltd., after visiting, expressed the desire for cooperation and received a positive response.

Work together to create "Yangtze River Delta footwear and footwear industry alliance"

Through this investigation, a huge concept of industrial cooperation has been established within the chamber of Commerce in Ningbo. This is to build a "Yangtze River Delta footwear and footwear industry alliance" and establish a communication mechanism to promote cross regional regular exchanges between shoes and clothing enterprises. This idea is also supported by the vice president of the China Association, Feng Dehu.

"Peers are not enemies, partners, friends.

We should strive for the alliance of triangle footwear and garment industry, set up communication topics, establish regular cross regional communication mechanism, realize information exchange, product mutual supply, business opportunities sharing, technology cooperation development, experience and ideas learn from each other, and build a platform for inter regional cooperation in the industry so as to achieve common development.


Li Rugang, chairman of YOUNGOR group, described his idea in this way.

The idea of strengthening cooperation and exchanges was also answered by Gao Dekang, chairman of Boston Group and vice president of red bean group, Zhou Hongjiang.

Gao Dekang said he would organize the Jiangsu garment enterprises to visit and exchange in Ningbo, while Zhou Hongjiang indicated that the two sides could explore the exchange mechanism in the field of industrial cooperation, and discuss various cooperation including business opportunities sharing.

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