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Wang Peihuo, Chairman Of Tai Zi Long, Won The Title Of "National Outstanding Entrepreneur".

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In 2012, the Chinese entrepreneurs' annual meeting was held in Chongqing recently. Over 800 business people discussed the pformation and expansion of international exchanges and cooperation between Chinese enterprises.

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Wang Peihuo, chairman of the holding group, was awarded the "outstanding entrepreneur of the whole country" in 2011 - 2012.

In recent years, under the environment of the international economic downturn and the pformation and upgrading of Chinese enterprises, Wang Peihuo led all employees of Prince Tai Lung to make efforts to practice Scientific Outlook on Development, vigorously promote the pformation and upgrading of enterprises, and go out of a new mode of national brand operation, which is "culture driven brand power, brand pulling investment power, and real strength to enhance value". The group still maintained a 38% annual growth and rapidly entered China.

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Top ten companies, top 500 Chinese companies, 500 Asian brands, and 500 most valuable brands in the world.

Wang Peihuo, who returned home from Hangzhou, flew straight to the headquarters of the group, and conveyed the spirit of the central leadership's speech at the annual meeting with the relevant leaders waiting for the meeting. He discussed the preparations for the new project of the group and studied the key economic work of the group's product development, market development and cultural industry development in the second half of the year.

This year, Tai Zi long holding group has a series of big moves: the 50 million yuan Group Logistics Center project will start in the near future.

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The product has been developed and is currently in the early stages of market operation. It is scheduled to be released in the second half of the year. The cultural industry will be promoted as a whole and the listing of the company will be conducted in an orderly manner.

"Tai Zi long holding group is facing a brand new opportunity for development. We must seize every opportunity to seize the opportunity to meet difficulties and implement them one by one. Only in this way can we make progress in the development strategy of" centenary brand and Centennial enterprise ".

Wang Peihuo said.

It is reported that the "scientific brand development view" edited by Wang Peihuo and the national brand trilogy of "national brand productivity" and "Chinese brand operator", which will be published by the people's publishing house, have begun to deeply influence the brand awareness and management concept of Chinese enterprises. The new mode of national brand operation obtained by science and technology is the first demonstration in China to lead the pformation and upgrading of national enterprises with the concept of scientific brand development.


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