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Us GS1 New Guidelines Help Garment Enterprises Advance Towards EPC Project Level

2012/6/6 16:28:00 26

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The major retailers, brands and technology providers in the United States have agreed on a set of guidelines, that is, assign serial identification numbers to specific products, when these products are global.

Apparel supply chain

When moving, it may be traced back to specific products.

Information standards organization GS1 the United States announced its guidelines on its annual Code Association.

The new technical guidelines, EPC function RFID SGTIN-96 serialization management, can now be obtained free of charge through GS1 American website.

They provide best practices and the only way to identify specific trade items globally, namely, the adoption of the global trade code (GTIN) plus a unique serial number.

This combination is called serialized Global trade cargo number or SGTIN.

Assigning SGTIN to specific projects means that the other two identical units of the same product are uniquely identifiable, and it is possible to make full use of radio frequency identification (RFID) power and inventory at the same time.

Global apparel

Products appear in the right place at the right time.

GS1 Patrick Javick, vice president of industry management in the US, said: "for those companies that are preparing for the future retail supply chain, serialization is the first step to implement any EPC function RFID.

These guidelines will help.

Clothing enterprise

Making full use of their existing technology investments, push them towards a successful and cost-effective EPC project level. "

GS1 has a global cross industry product, pport unit, asset, location and service identification standard system and information exchange standard system, so that products can be scanned and read all over the world. GS1's global data synchronization network (GD SN) ensures that all trading partners use correct product information; GS1 provides higher supply chain operation efficiency through electronic product code (EPC) and radio frequency identification (RFID) technology standard; GS1 traceability solution helps enterprises comply with international relevant food safety regulations and achieve food consumption safety.


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