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Zhengzhou Women'S Trousers Make A World Record.

2012/6/6 16:47:00 29

Zhengzhou Women'S TrousersBrand Women'S TrousersHenan Women'S Trousers

Recently, at the stadium of Henan University of Technology, a new Guinness world record was created, and the Chinese certification officer Wu Xiaohong announced the result: 23171

Zhengzhou women's trousers

It is the largest and largest "Ding" pattern in the world. It has an area of 6381.61 square meters. It is the largest pattern in the world by the same item.

Zhengzhou women's trousers

From Zhengzhou, M·SUYA, Ya Li Da and ESEY three

Brand pants

The "belly" composed of the "Ding" character pattern also splits up the two characters of "fashion", which symbolizes the Central Plains of the fashion capital.

"The three women's trousers brands participate in the activities together to promote the brand image of Zhengzhou's women's trousers and add fuel to the activities."

Zhao Sunli, chairman of the company.

Fashion casual Zhengzhou pants

"This huge Si Wu Fang" Ding "character pattern, representing the Central Plains culture, was spent by a volunteer of more than 500 Henan University of Technology volunteers for a day.

Wang Jinfeng, vice president of Henan youth fashion promotion association, said that this activity has expressed people's eagerness for good and fashionable life.

In recent years, Zhengzhou women's trousers have risen vigorously, leading the national market.

Henan's garment production capacity has increased by 30% over the past 5 years, especially in 2010.

Henan women's pants

Productivity growth exceeds 45%, far higher than the national average growth rate.

At present, there are 40 enterprises in Henan Province, and 10 enterprises whose output value exceeds 300 million yuan.

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