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Shenhua Shoes And Clothing In The National Region To Carry Out "Encourage Farming" Activities

2012/6/6 16:58:00 116

Public WelfareProsperityAnd Aid Farming

In order to better develop "let the flowers of the motherland grow in love", Shanghai

Shenhua shoes and clothing

In the whole country, "encourage farming and study" activities have been launched recently. Love shoes have been launched in various parts of the country recently, and the left behind children here have been visited to help them live in the sunshine without worry and grow healthily in love.

On the day of the event, Wang Hongxiang, the "China hero" of the business ambassador, was invited to participate in the campaign.



"Caring for the people and serving the public" is the purpose of Shanghai Xingshen shoes and clothing Shenhua brand. In May of 2012, along with the opening of the Shenhua brand store, the company launched a series of public donation activities, which is also the company's and all staff's aspirations.



Children with a group photo

Shanghai Xingshen shoes and Clothing Co., Ltd. is committed to charitable activities.

In the "campaign to encourage farming" activities, Shanghai Xingshen shoes and clothing invested tens of thousands of yuan to donate, taking practical action to practice the tenet of "caring for the people and serving the public".

Franchised dealers all over the country have joined the event, sending them a force of their love. Shenhua brand has left a good reputation in all parts of the country.



Shoes at the scene



Caring for and helping vulnerable groups, every enterprise is duty bound and duty bound to do business.

Shanghai Shenhua shoes and clothing will continue to carry out in the national area as before.

Encourage farming

"Activities, extend a helping hand, offer a love, send a warm, contribute to building a harmonious duo own strength!

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