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Origin And Cultural Connotation Of Hanfu

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The traditional clothing of the Han nationality in China, also known as Chinese clothing and Chinese clothing.

Its origin can be traced back to the period of the three emperors and five emperors to the Ming Dynasty, and for thousands of years, the Chinese people (Han nationality) have never changed their basic characteristics of dress. The clothing worn by Han people during this period is called Hanfu.

In the era of yellow and yellow, Huang Di hung his clothes and ruled the world. Hanfu had a basic form. After the Zhou Dynasty's standard system, it was completely improved and popularized in the Han Dynasty.

Cultural connotations

China is also known as "Hua Xia". The origin of this name is related to Hanfu.

"Shang Shu justice" note: "the crown is worn by Hua Zhang Hua, the great power is summer."

The ten years of Zuo Zhuan justice and dugong: "there is a great etiquette in China, so it is called summer."

China has been known as "the state of clothing and ceremonies" since ancient times, and "dress" has become the pronoun of civilization.

For instance, when the five was at random, the intellectuals and people from all walks of life in the Central Plains fled to the south, retaining the fire of the Central Plains Civilization, and gradually developing the Yangtze River into a prosperous and prosperous place.

The word "Hanfu" was first recorded in Hanshu: "after the number of visits to the Han Dynasty, the clothing system of Yue Han".

The Han Dynasty mainly refers to the Han Dynasty, which refers to the dress etiquette system in the Han Dynasty.

The formation of the name "Han" is directly related to the Han Dynasty.

Just like the traditional clothing of Hu people is called "Hu Fu", the traditional Han costume is called "Hanfu".

Therefore, the basic connotation of the term "Hanfu" was also fixed, that is, the traditional Han costume.

In the book of fan Chuo in the Tang Dynasty, it is clearly called

Datang clothing

In the song, yuan and Ming Dynasties, some alien rulers also explicitly referred to Han costumes as "Hanfu". For example, "after the emperor came into the Jin Dynasty, the emperor and the Han officials in the south of the Han Dynasty used Hanfu, and the imperial service of the Empress Dowager and the North class Qidan officials were used in the Five Dynasties."

When the Yuan Dynasty repaired Liao history, it even created a "Hanfu" strip for Hanfu.

Unique charm

The main characteristics of Hanfu are hand over, right side, waist, rope tie, hook and so on, giving people the impression of free and easy.

These characteristics are obviously different from other ethnic costumes.

Hanfu has

Full dress

And regular clothing.

In terms of form, there are mainly types of "under the coat" system (in ancient times refers to the lower skirt), the "deep clothing" system (to stitch up the clothes under the jacket) and the "skirt skirt" system.


Among them, the crown of the coat is the most formal formal dress of the emperor.


Gowns (deep garments) are often worn by hundreds of officers and scholars, while skirts are worn by women.

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