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Costa Rica Welcomes Chinese Textile Products Very Much.

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All kinds of labor-intensive products in mainland China are very popular in Costa Rica. Recently, Costa Rica supermarkets and stores have printed "Made in China" tableware, hardware, toys and clothing. footwear The daily use of plastic and metal products can be seen and widely welcomed by Costa Rica middle and low income people.

In addition, many international Famous brand Shoes are set up in factories or OEM in mainland China. The quality of the products is stable compared with that of the mainland's own brands. Although the price is higher, they can also be accepted by the market.

In recent years, Costa Rica motorcycles are mainly imported from China, and Chinese cars and recreational vehicles have been introduced.

According to statistics from the Central Bank of Costa Rica, bilateral trade between Mainland China (including Hongkong) and the elder brother has grown significantly, and has become the second largest source of import and the three largest export market of the country.

Costa Rica imports major items from mainland China (including Hongkong). textile Integrated circuits, footwear, electric heaters, motorcycles and toys, including capital goods, intermediate goods and consumer goods, cover more than 3000 taxes, and attack the market in large quantities at low prices. However, the market image and perception are generally not good.

With the implementation of the free trade agreement between Costa Rica and the mainland of China, Costa Rica industry associations and consumers strongly urged that they should attach importance to the inspection and quality control of cheap products in mainland China, so as to prevent the black products from flooding or affecting Costa Rica related industries.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Commerce and the China Council for Trade Promotion (CCPIT) have also actively organized a high-ranking large visiting group, frequently held business summit and various business promotion activities in Costa Rica, actively striving for the market and expanding economic and trade influence.

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