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Appreciation Of Hanfu Culture In Modern Film Art

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From hero

Han Dynasty costumes

The ancient costume commercial film has become the highlight of the main market of Chinese films in recent years. From the "ambush", "hero" and "Wuji", it has won a lot of domestic box office.

These domestic commercial films have a basic commonality, that is, the basic elements of the story are poor and weak.


And art design, as the form elements of audio-visual comprehensive art, show ingenuity and beauty.

It has become the focus of film audiences and the highlight of the film.

For the golden armor of the city, the tens of millions of gold and silver armor.

The scarlet scarf is full of beauty and beauty.

And the low necked V word that the maid of imperial concubine wears is very surprising. The film won the best costume design award of the American film industry costume design Guild Award.

Hero's clothing design is also more successful.

Zhang Ziyi was dressed in red makeup, embroidered with necklaces and tapes, while Jet Li wore black crowns, black hair, black helmets and black sword shields.

Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung both wore green shirts.

Red, black and green are given different symbolic meanings respectively.

From the stills of "ambush in all directions"

Hanfu culture

The costumes of movie actors are designed by the costume designer of the art works group. The design of movie costumes is an important part of film production.

As far as the costume commercial films are concerned, there are many points for attention in clothing design, not only in the script, plot, but also in the mature artistic style of the director, and in addition to the actor's image creation in a typical environment.

All of these are based on an established premise, that is, the film costume design should basically conform to the costumes and customs or traditions of the historical stage of the characters.

The stills in the Wuji

The basic characteristics of Hanfu, which is displayed under the "coat and the right hair", and its popular styles in different times.

It has become an important reference for costume design in ancient commercial films.

Specifically, it reflects the characteristics of Chinese clothing required by films in different times. Under the premise of following the Hanfu pattern, the specific styles and colors of actors' clothing are decided according to the type of film, the style of actors and the character of characters, and even some modern design elements are added.

The ultimate goal of Movie Costume design is to pform the costume design into character modeling and make it an important part of the plot, which can convey the same cultural connotation as the theme of the movie.

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