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Flexible "Reverse Group Buying" Applies To The New Mode Of Shoe Business After Electricity Supplier.

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A few days ago, H, an e-commerce company in Jinjiang, completed a special group purchase order: H's casual shoes with a price of 300 yuan, and finally finished the group purchase at 57% off.

The peculiarity is that the group purchase of H company is not included in the company's plan. Instead, it is spontaneously organized by many consumers, and then the third party platform represents consumers to actively negotiate with H company, so that consumers can buy the casual shoes with 57% off discount.

In fact, this C2B mode is also known as "reverse group buying". It has begun to appear in various group buying websites.

In Jinjiang, some electricity providers have begun to test the water this special group buying mode.

"Reverse group buying" is emerging.

"Every time we do a group purchase, we're going to fight a battle."

In Jinjiang, Mr. Liu, head of H e-commerce company, who often buys group activities, says that advertising, fighting traffic and attracting users are common tools for group buying activities, while mass homogenization services do not really win consumers.

"At present, the meaning of group buying has changed to clear up the" sewer ", and consumers also" take advantage of it and go. "

Mr. Liu reluctantly said.

To this end, H has made changes, quietly playing other games, and the "reverse group buying" has undoubtedly become the biggest highlight: consumers publish group buying information, share links through social networking sites, invite partners, and so on to reach a certain number of customers. A large number of consumers gather together to negotiate and trade with sellers through third party websites.

In response, it was not long ago that the "free group" channel launched by mogujie.com launched the "free group" channel on the Internet, which caused consumers' hot reaction.

Data show that "free group" on-line two hours later organized more than 5000 group buying, a total of more than 20000 people participated in the group.

In fact, in the traditional group buying process, consumers can only choose among the existing group buying products launched by the website, and these group buying products are discounted prices negotiated by the third party group buying websites and merchants, and the group buying website gains profits through "mass production".

On demand, consumers can only choose passively.

"In contrast, the reverse group buying business will be more flexible when it develops. After all, these group purchases are initiated by consumers. The demand is also from their own perspective, and our enthusiasm will be mobilized.

On the other hand, "reverse group buying" also slowed down our "guess" user psychological pressure.

Mr. Liu told reporters this.

In Mr. Liu's view, the true meaning of "reverse group buying" is a marketing mode guided by consumer's individual needs, which is more in line with the marketing trend.

"In the future, there will be more e-commerce companies in Jinjiang to test this consumer oriented group buying model."

Mr. Liu said so.

The rate of abortion is high.

The reason why it has not been warm is that there are some difficult problems hidden behind this model.

Although the current "reverse group buying" mode turns users from passive to active, it seems that there are not enough kinds of "reverse group buying" to form a group product, and the limitations are obvious.

Take the women's shoes of mogujie.com's "free regiment" as an example, most of the completed pactions are concentrated on several shoes.

"This shows that when the" reverse group buying "mode develops to a certain stage, it will inevitably be limited by the number of products.

According to the insiders, most of the group purchase projects initiated by buyers are scattered individual projects, which will lead to a small number of individual projects and fail to reach the commercial purpose of group buying.


This also means that the "reverse group buying" group has a higher abortion rate.

"Before we buy group activities, we have carefully calculated the cost, pricing, style, stocking and on-line time of the products, while" reverse group buying "gives more autonomy to consumers, which may be passive for us.

In the case of mogujie.com's "free regiment", but because the price was not settled, Mr. Wang, the director of the M electricity supplier department who did not buy group buying at the end, complained to reporters that "reverse group buying" appeared to be very popular. But because of the "personalization" of consumers, the abortion rate of group buying was also quite high.

"In addition to gathering a large number of consumers who have desire to buy, it is very difficult to plate their purchasing power into actual orders."

Mr. Wang gives an example to reporters. For example, most consumers are interested in a product of A brand. Even if the B brand and A brand are the same type, the possibility of consumers buying will still be very low.

Need social business support

In the view of e-commerce observer Lu Zhenwang, "reverse group buying" needs more social business support.

"Take mogujie.com as an example, its reverse group buying" mode is not simply to pform demand into buyer's choice. As a social website, mogujie.com itself owns consumers and a large number of Taobao sellers.

Mogujie.com can also be seen as a new media.

It is precisely because of the socialized nature of mogujie.com that the "reverse group buying" will play a certain potential.

In his view, the "reverse group buying" can be successful, first of all, require electric business enterprises to add "socialization" attributes to it.

"For example, a lot of enterprises are doing micro-blog marketing now, and building a loyal fan group of enterprises, in a sense, is part of the" reverse group buying "part of the structure.

Lu Zhenwang told reporters this.

In the view of Cao Fanghua, chief strategy officer and marketing communications director of the network, the reverse group buying is a return to the "healthy" group buying business model based on consumer demand.

"Today's group buying is to buy consumers at a large price, which is a way for new businesses to" lose money and earn a shout. "How can it last for a long time? Cao Fanghua pointed out that the greater significance of" reverse group buying "is to win the word of mouth effect.

"As long as the price and quality of the business are suitable to meet the needs of consumers, consumers are likely to use various social media to share, forming the word of mouth effect of merchants."

According to the insiders, the "reverse group buying" mode is still being explored by many electric business enterprises, but from the marketing point of view, the significance of inspiration is enormous.

For enterprises, reverse group buying has much more significance to data mining than it can achieve.

Even "reverse group buying" can not bring many real profits to the electricity supplier enterprises, but it can help enterprises collect a lot of target consumer groups, and point out which potential consumers like the commodities of enterprises.

Xu Hansheng, a famous marketing expert, told reporters that "data mining" can bring more sales forms and orders to the electric business enterprises. This will become the most significant point of "reverse group buying".


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