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Donation Of Love Donated To Loufan County Again

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June 1 Children's DayDonated MaterialsLoufanMI Yu Town Joint School

June 5th, recently, in Union School of MI Yu town The Taiyuan Municipal Finance Bureau and the staff of our website held a donation ceremony for all the students of the joint school.

The leaders and guests attending the donation ceremony included Comrade Zhao Shuwen, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Loufan provincial Party committee, comrade Xu Huibao, leader of the Taiyuan Municipal Finance Bureau, and Comrade Xu Huibao of the world clothing and shoe net. On the same day, there were also representatives of Yonghong lingerie chain, representatives of ABC Jinnan branch, representatives of Benali's children's wear, representatives of Caterpillar's Shanxi branch, representatives of Taiyuan training school, and representatives of belle insurance company. They made a touching speech at the ceremony respectively, which deeply touched the teachers and students present. There are eight agendas in this donation ceremony, including the introduction of red scarves to the leaders by the young pioneers, and the speech by Comrade Zhao Shuwen, deputy county magistrate of the Standing Committee of the Loufan County Committee. Leaders and business representatives also watched the wonderful programs prepared by the children for leaders and guests. Finally, the donation ceremony was successfully concluded in the children's Chorus "let the world be full of love".

It is reported that the donation activities Donated materials As high as 350 thousand yuan, including stationery boxes, notebooks and other school supplies, including rope skipping, basketball and other sporting goods, but also clothing and other daily necessities. To give a rose to a man, there is a fragrance to his hands, a dedication of love and a harvest of hope. The donation activities on that day fully reflected the noble feelings of leaders in education and rural children. I believe this kind of charity will help the poor children in rural areas to strengthen their faith in life and write a more brilliant chapter in life. Love makes the future. At the same time, the leaders of the Joint School of MI Yu town also hope that in the future, more enterprises will continue to help poor schools like them, pass on the kindness and kindness of the people, and contribute their efforts to the cause of the motherland's education.

Because of love, there is hope. Under the bathed in the sunshine of love, the students of the joint school in MI Yu town are thriving. The teachers said that they will never fail to live up to the ardent expectations of leaders at all levels and will strive to raise the quality of education and teaching to a new level. The students said they would never forget their kindness, cherish the opportunity, study hard, stand on their own, and serve the motherland with good results and repay the society.

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