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F Leonspan'S "Turn Over" Campaign To Convince Outdoor Sports "Opinion Leaders"

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F LeonspanTian Lun TianSporting Goods

The whole journey lasted for 20 days, about 8000 kilometers, and needed to cross over 5 mountains of 5000 meters or more. The highest pass was the Tanggula pass, which was 5231 meters above sea level.

A few days ago, F Leonspan painted the perfect ending of the "Tibet most" organization "turn over" to drive Tibet into Tibet.

Prior to that, Tianlun Tian and Quanzhou headquarters outdoor club launched the "dream of love and love in the border area".

A new experience of combining public welfare with outdoor sports has not only brought more people to remember the name of Tianlun Tian, but also exposed the experience marketing of Tianlun differentiation to the industry for the first time.

Due to the particularities of outdoor sports, more and more outdoor products brands prefer to cooperate with outdoor professional clubs. Marketing has changed from pure marketing to budding to consumer communication nowadays.

Among them, mobile experience marketing is becoming the new favorite of the industry.

It is true that through experiential marketing activities, not only can directly promote sales, but more importantly, create a brand atmosphere of outdoor sports.

Of course, how to explore a distinctive way of experiential marketing, Quanzhou outdoor brand is still feeling the stones across the river.

Product experience era

Whether it is the Tianlun Tian's "heart dream, love in the border area" frontier self driving public welfare activities, or frenspun's "driving over Tibet" driving into Tibet, all of which confirm the rise of local outdoor brand experience marketing boom.

When simple outdoor sponsorship and celebrity endorsement can not meet the needs of brand marketing at the stage of enterprise development, such experience and interaction activities focus on the outbreak, and instead become a brand new bright spot. And with the praise of the major brands, the cooperation with some professional clubs to develop brand activities has gradually turned the bright spot into a hot spot.

"Flunspen's joint Club launched the concept of" turning over and Yue ", which is closely related to the brand -" Mercedes Benz, and showing true temperament ", which aims to guide more outdoor consumers to experience outdoor activities and encourage people to participate in a wider range of outdoor activities.

Wang Quancheng, marketing director of Fan Cheng (Fujian) outdoor sporting goods Co., Ltd., said that the most important significance of this event is that F Leonspan, famous for its professional outdoor brand, sponsors fleet backpacks, tents, assault trousers and other equipment to provide security guarantees for the team to gallop on the plateau and achieve "travel" without worry.

Meanwhile, St. Valentine is talking about the self driving club activities with the major car dealers. He also hopes that the club will be the main body and regularly organize experience activities related to the theme, so that consumers can know outdoor products first and understand the uses and functions of outdoor products.

For example, in a stormy room, it is to let the experiencer wear an assault suit, and to experience the performance and comfort of the product in artificial wind and rain. Similarly, in the experience of urban hiking and mountaineering, it is a stage of guiding potential consumers to outdoor wait-and-see to cut and try, creating demand and meeting demand.

The deputy managing director of the outdoor group said.

Precise lock club communication

Although some outdoor brands are already on the way of experiential marketing, lack of systematization, fragmented and lack of innovation has affected experiential marketing. If we can focus more on outdoor circles such as outdoor clubs, we will enlarge the dissemination effect as the main goal of deep experience.

Especially with people's love and pursuit of outdoor sports, the speed of club development and growth can not be underestimated. Xu Haitao, deputy chief of Tianlun Tian outdoor products Co., Ltd., said he had personally experienced a small club, and grew from one hundred members to more than 1000 members in one year. If the club's pyramid selling effect can be superimposed on the brand, then we can not know how many potential consumer groups favored by Tianlun Tian and win much market.

Yin Yi told reporters that, unlike the traditional big sports brand, outdoor sports equipment more emphasis on interactive experience. Through accumulative integration of consumption, St. Frank's outdoor club is formed, and more members are involved in outdoor activities to strengthen the deep interaction between brand and consumers, and become a high place for the members of the San fle to realize the functions of outdoor leisure and other functions.


However, it is worth mentioning that, because self built outdoor clubs need a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources, local outdoor brands basically choose to tie in with professional outdoor clubs, and help them tailor their activities to the brand with their systematic professional operation in outdoor activities. The brand receives product experience through sponsorship products, and provides relevant data support for later product development, which is no more than a shortcut.

Convince outdoor sports "opinion leaders"

As a young market, how to occupy more shares in the total market volume and how to educate and influence more potential consumers to engage in outdoor sports has become the main objective of outdoor products marketing.

In order to seize more market share, brand players use all kinds of means -- discounts, gifts, and coupons, which are sold in traditional consumer areas.

However, after all, outdoor sports products have their own uniqueness, which is different from that of the ordinary fast moving consumer goods. Simply giving profits and discounts can not effectively stimulate consumers' nerves.

What kind of market activities can really move the outdoor consumers in China?

The cooperation between outdoor brands and outdoor professional teams (individuals) is an attempt. Although such cooperation is not surprising abroad, in China, the "theory + practice" communication mode has just begun, which will promote the development and maturity of the whole outdoor industry in China, and also promote the specialization process of local outdoor products brands.

Yin Yi believes that the owners of local outdoor brands are often not like the owners of outdoor clubs such as Sanfo and green ants. They are outdoor outdoors. They have a better understanding of outdoor concepts and products. This also tests whether our business owners can really develop from the experience of consumer products, how to develop outdoor products that are more suitable for consumers, provide more outdoor brand experience, and have a long way to go for local outdoor brands.

"While sponsoring the outdoor activities of our club, we are also trying to further test the quality of our products.

The sponsor will be a product inspector of outdoor brand, and make further testing of products in harsh environment, truly understand the different needs of different environments for products, and timely feedback to enterprises, so as to achieve the right remedy.

Xu Haitao said that Tian Lun Tian and professional outdoor club cooperation, because HeineKen and his team have extensive experience in outdoor practice, they have very high demand for equipment, they know what kind of outdoor equipment they are wearing under what circumstances.

There is no doubt that this will play a great role in Tianlun product development and technology support.

Insiders say that products are the carrier of brand and the premise of all development.

As a professional outdoor brand, local outdoor brands must work hard in product specialization, continue to upgrade their products and improve their quality, and work hard on functional fabrics.

To ensure that products can adapt to any harsh environment test and ensure the safety and comfort of outdoor activities, we are all aware that the brand-new combing and planning of products will make the brand planning and forward-looking, and go further and better.

Reporter's notes

Gore's experiential marketing

An outdoor sports enthusiast suffered an avalanche when he climbed a snow mountain. He lost his way with his companion.

3 days later, he was rescued.

Later, he admitted, "if I hadn't worn Gore Tes's fabric, I might have died."

The human body can survive for about a week without eating, and can persist for 3 days without drinking water. In extreme cold conditions, the human body will soon die if it loses temperature.

The outdoor sports enthusiast said he had saved his life because the Gore tex fabric kept him warm in bad weather.

This is a successful case of Gore tex TM fabric experience marketing, which is praised by the industry.

The core of Gore's experiential marketing is to let consumers understand the importance of product functions. Why does Gore emphasize the experience? For example, the assault clothing is almost the same as other clothes, but when you wear an assault coat, you will understand the difference.

However, these experiences should be started by themselves. It is through outdoor sports that we know why people need outdoor sports equipment and what kind of outdoor sports products they need.

In the past two or three years, journalists have been invited by many bosses to start contact with the outdoors. More than once, the boss flew to the original village of Yunnan and tried to walk on foot. What kind of outdoor equipment did he wear in the outdoor environment? What kind of experience did he have in the outdoor experience?

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