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Carrying Life Beauty Luxury Agonium Watch Appreciation

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Agonium WatchesWatchesSwiss Watches

Nothing is exactly the same.

Nothing is unchangeable or plain sailing.


Swiss watch

The traditional watchmaking techniques are sculpted with special skills, and the Agonium watch series is undoubtedly the masterpiece of metal art.

Careful observation will show that the fine lines left by the sculptor have no trace of welding.






Carrying the beauty of life the New Gothic Art Watch

Each watch is first modeled by hand, and then processed with various metals by hand to make the shape needed by gold, silver, platinum or palladium.

To achieve this result, there is no doubt that outstanding artistic talent is needed, but every step requires great patience and concentration to fully demonstrate the artist's talent and skills.




Agonium carries the beauty of life, the New Gothic art watch.

The first form of the Agonium series is called "Memento Mori", which is hidden beneath the shell of the Gothic shell.

The meaning of "Memento Mori" is "remembering that people are always dead, so we should seize every day" is a reflection of our survival.

Birth, death, life, time, rebirth.

Daniel Strom's creation reminds us to face vanity and challenge vanity.

The decorative skull on the watch is far from its appearance. They are a powerful symbol that reminds us to live with enthusiasm.





Agonium Watch

Carrying the beauty of life the New Gothic Art Watch

The main function of "Memento Mori" goes beyond simple time measurement. It fully displays the value of Swiss tabulation expertise.

The watchcase is made by hand with unique mould, which represents the integration of watch making and metal art.

Gold, silver, platinum and palladium are all kinds of materials, and different versions are just like gifted artists who are prone to fluctuating emotions.

Sculptured watchcase wrapped in the inner shell is equipped with ETA2824 movement.

As for dial, two world famous clocks are borrowed: one is London's Big Ben, the other is Berne's Zytglogge.

The "bone white" or black dial is equipped with hour hand, minute hand and second hand, and 12 Rome digital timescales.

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