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After 45 Years Of Age, Men Must Wear Good Shoes For Their Economic Health Concept.

2012/8/4 8:40:00 39

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"If I meet a forty or fifty year old patient or friend, I must mobilize them to buy a pair.

Good shoes

It would be better if the price is between eight hundred yuan and more than 1000 yuan.

Experts pointed out recently that having one or two pairs of good shoes can not only guarantee the health of aging feet, but also effectively prevent foot diseases, for middle-aged and elderly people over 45 years old.

In fact, many people do not know that many foot problems or diseases are caused by shoes, such as foot pain, hallux valgus, foot muscle inflammation, beriberi and so on.

In addition, people's feet are covered with reflex areas of many parts of the body. If the shoes are not good, they will cause long-term abnormal pressure on these acupoints, resulting in various physical discomforts.

Now the middle-aged and elderly people, because of the traditional concept of long-term formation, most like to buy cheap shoes, which has laid a hidden danger for the foot and even the whole body health.

Professor Hu especially reminds those who have "chew" a pair of shoes for a long time, especially for men. "Not only should they have several pairs of good shoes, but also different styles, such as a pair of leisure, a pair of formal plus a pair of sports, three pairs of shoes to wear, so that both feet are always subject to the benign stimulation of shoes.

In fact, from an economic point of view, three pairs of shoes should be worn down rather than a pair of shoes.

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