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E-Commerce Summit Held In Beijing

2012/8/30 11:05:00 14

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August 24, 2012, traditional enterprises in North China Electronic Commerce The summit forum was successfully held in Beijing. From the industry's senior business experts, Tmall executives, UF group's Cheong Kai Tong information technology Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Chang Jie Tong") director, traditional enterprise representatives and more than 200 national media gathered.

The conference is from North China. Online retailers The Federation of service providers and the organizer of Tmall were co sponsored and received China. clothing The support of the association. At the meeting, Mr. Pan Zufeng, general manager of the Tmall category Xiao 2, the permanent member, Chang Jie Tong micro enterprise division, and other senior business experts of the electricity supplier delivered a brilliant speech, aiming at the great transformation of traditional enterprises to the electricity supplier, and the core issues of how to break through and how to focus on the advantages of the traditional enterprises in the new situation.

   North China electricity supplier The Federation of service providers was formally established in July 9th this year. It is composed of Chang Jie Tong, Yi Guan commercial solution, wo Tang software, Wei Fu you, Ding Shang power, North Alliance Weiye and Ruijin Lin 7 governing units. The Federation is sponsored by Tmall and is a non-profit organization composed of different types of e-commerce service providers. It aims to lead the rapid development of the electricity supplier service industry and create more room and impetus for the prosperity and growth of the electricity supplier service market.

Mr. Pan Zufeng, Permanent Secretary of Taobao Federation of service providers, pointed out at the conference that "breaking through the bottleneck of traditional enterprise growth and aggregated the power of the entire electricity supplier service industry to help small and micro enterprises expand e-commerce through cloud technology". On the spot, we presented 200 sets of China's first S+S (software plus service) cloud + end accounting software worth 1980 yuan to the participants, helping small and micro enterprises grow rapidly. Bookkeeping is a financial software for users of micro enterprises, accountants, education and training institutions and individuals. It implements the daily accounting, auditing, reporting, tax, information, service and other applications. Bookkeeping is easy to operate, and accountants are also able to keep accounts.

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