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In The First Half Of The Year, Keqiao'S Textile Foreign Trade Has Taken A Pleasant Form

2012/8/30 11:11:00 28

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According to the latest statistical data, from January to June this year, Keqiao Street completed its self operated export of 1.25 billion dollars, up 12.22% year on year, and its self operated export index ranked first in the city and the county. This is a high gold foreign trade report card handed over by Keqiao Street in the first half of this year.

In the first half of this year, affected by the international financial crisis, RMB appreciation and domestic inflation pressure spin Foreign trade enterprises are deeply impacted and are experiencing the most difficult period since 2008. Keqiao Street, as the main position of self operated export of the whole county, faced with various difficulties, Keqiao Street went deep into enterprise research, adjusted strategies in time, guided enterprises to strengthen their confidence and overcome difficulties, and maintained a good momentum of sustained and rapid development of the three foreign economies.

all the time Keqiao The street is short of industrial enterprises and land. In order to overcome the difficulties of attracting investment without industry and land, the street actively innovated the way of attracting investment. From January to June this year, the street successively introduced nine wholly foreign-owned enterprises, including Xia Han Trade, traditional import and export, and Xuan En Import and Export, to realize the contractual foreign investment of 3.06 million dollars, the foreign investment of 1.65 million dollars, and the requirement of completing more than half of the semi annual assessment.

In order to let the self operated export enterprises have no worries and concentrate on operating enterprises, Keqiao Street provides enterprises with the latest foreign trade information, organizes to participate in brand exhibitions, holds forums and other high-quality services through QQ groups and other platforms to help enterprises develop, so that the self operated export performance enterprises of the street achieve rapid growth. It is understood that since the first half of this year, the number of enterprises with export performance has been increasing month by month, from 749 at the beginning of the year to 938, an increase of 189.

Facing the international situation of declining purchasing power in European and American markets and unstable situation in North Africa and the Middle East, Keqiao Street vigorously guides foreign trade enterprises to adjust export products and open up emerging markets. At present, Keqiao Street knitting, chemical fiber Clothes & Accessories It has gradually become the main export product clothing Knits of fabrics account for the largest proportion due to their large market demand and high profits, about 43.3%, followed by chemical fiber , clothing, cotton, etc. account for about 13.3% respectively. At the same time, the export market of foreign trade enterprises in Keqiao Street continues to expand. On the basis of the original Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa, many foreign trade enterprises have begun to seize Brazil and other emerging markets in Central and South America, effectively boosting exports.

At the same time, Keqiao Neighborhood also actively cooperated with the county party committee and government in the "global" activities, encouraged and guided enterprises to actively expand the international market, and set up offices and factories abroad. From January to June this year, one enterprise has set up an overseas institution abroad.

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