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Dior Dior Milan Flagship Store Reopened

2012/10/13 18:04:00 23

DiorMilan Flagship StoreOpening


New store by

Peter Marino

The design, which took 18 months, Dior chief executive Sidney Toledano told VIP room in WWD: "this is a critical moment. We have been working on redecorating, and we are happy to have more room."

The two floor Dior Milan flagship store has nearly doubled in size, from the 3024 square feet opened in 2001 to 5346 square feet now.

Shop decoration is facing a slowdown in the Italy economy, but Sidney Toledano is still optimistic about its business in Italy and the euro area: "we can not deny a fact (the global financial crisis), but we have been doing well in Italy, and even during the renovation period, guerrilla shops in Milan, Rome and Florence have done very well."

Sidney Toledano says companies are more concerned about the right people and direction.

Sidney Toledano thinks Italy is a very important market, and Italians are "the most complex and demanding".

Customer group

Two storey


Milan's flagship store has nearly doubled in size from 3024 square feet in 2001 to 5346 square feet.

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