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Fashionable Sweater Blouse Is Unique, Warm And Beautiful.

2012/10/13 17:56:00 17

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Jacquard black and white classical stripes are

Wild style

Sweater knitted jacquard is unique and exquisite, creating leisure street fashion.

The matching of black and white stripes is an eternal classic.


Using unique and personalized knitting, pink and charming, adding a sense of sweetness, with a long bottoming shirt to enhance the unique shape.

Pink is a special shade of skin, and it's also warm.


Loose sweater is easy to wear, very suitable for autumn not too cold weather, beige can also set off white skin, make sweet and personalized dress.

The color of this rice white is especially bright and white.





The design is unique and personalized, green splicing white adds fashionable and beautiful feeling, break the steady colors of autumn and winter, and bring more colors to lead the new style of autumn and winter.


Thread on knitted sweater


New and interesting, loose profile comfortable and casual, with jeans and shorts showing the personality charm, black stockings with a little sexy.

The pointed shoes with British style feel more modern and neutral.

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