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Hornets Defender In The Lakers Gave Holly Shoes.

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Raise Shoes

Let time go back fifteen years.

In June 1993, Michael Jordan and Charles Barclay fought the summit.

Chicago, Jordan's city, is ready to meet the third championship trophies.

Like all Bulls fans, a little boy always watches the TV in time, waiting for Jordan, waiting for the bull and waiting for victory.

A little boy named Jelm Jennings always appeared before the little boy before the game. He was a good friend of the little boy, and all two were Bulls fans.

Jim asked, "do you want to be Michael when you grow up?"

The little boy replied, "Michael has only one. He will always be unique."

Jim asked again, "do you really want to be Michael and fly like him?"

The boy pushed Rajem and answered seriously, "Hey, listen, Michael is so great!

If I could be a helper around him, I would be satisfied. "

Say, smile, illusion, happiness...

Jordan's bull finally beat Barkley's sun 4 to 2.

When Jordan won the championship for the third time, the little boy thought he was the happiest fan in the world.

A year later, the boy's father, Janiro Brown, died of cancer.

Before dying, Brown left a sentence, "when you get into NBA, remember to tell Daddy for the first time..."

The boy who had been shed tears in that age has grown into an adult now, with a size of 1 meters and 85.

He is Janiro Pargo, wearing the New Orleans Hornets 2 shirt.

The seventh performance of the Western semifinal of the Spurs and wasps, and the performance of the peg, once made a hopeless hope for the wasp.

Unfortunately, at the last moment, the wasp had only one Pego.

After 26 minutes and 18 points, he did what he could do.

Before the seventh game started, Mr Gaga pledged that "if the Spurs are to guard against CP (Paul), I will be more and more resolute."

He had nothing to say, but he could not change the cruel facts.

This is not the most spectacular game in the past five years, but there is no doubt that this competition will have more or less influence on his future career.

People really saw the power of the park.

Byron Scott, the Hornets boss, said: "he is very diligent and he doesn't like to play the limelight, but he is not a player who can be ignored. He has his own value."

Scott's words were the greatest affirmation of Gago.

Who would have thought that this name (before the wasp) played three teams (Lakers, raptors, bulls), played 153 games, and got only two first roles in the most crucial seventh games of life and death.

Six years ago, he was even a nobody who didn't qualify for draft.

The first team in Losangeles was the Lakers.

In the 2002-03 season, he played 33 games for the Lakers, contributing 2.6 points and 1.2 assists in 10.3 minutes per game.

Such data are almost negligible in the history of the Lakers, and even those experienced Lakers fans may have forgotten him.

Robert Hori, who was a teammate's team mate, is now in the Spurs, and he has blurred the idea of park. In fact, he gave shoes to him and sent fruit salad for him.

In the past, five years passed when Gaga and Harry were already strangers.

Time can change many things. Time can also bring back memories.

The sunshine in Losangeles was very beautiful, but at that time, he was not in the mood to enjoy the sunshine and sea breeze in California.

"Once I woke up from my sleep and I was in a trance," recalled Jelm. "I dreamed of him. He seemed to ask me," Why are you here? "

My God?

I can't remember it very well. "

Originally, when Jelm left university, he had to leave his hometown in order to earn his living. He went to play in Amateur League in Europe and Africa. He had to wear at least four months for every pair of Nike basketball shoes.

In that dream, he saw himself playing in Europe.

"You know, I don't want to leave my country and leave my family. My dream is to play in NBA."

So, when Pago entered the Lakers, he always worked hard. He was eager to prove himself, "in my life, basketball should be the most important thing."

But how can things be done?

In the 2003-04 season, when he played 13 games for the Lakers, he was laid off, and he even shed tears.

This year, in fact, there was no failure to leave Losangeles, and the gradual decline of Pego's vision. Although he was signed by the Toronto raptors, he only played 5 games, 3.6 points and 2.4 assists per game.

But soon, all the pain came, and he was signed by bulls and returned to his Chicago.

In the two seasons of the bull, he was still a substitute, but he finally got the chance to show his ability. He followed the young leader, Henrich, and he made rapid progress.

What makes Pargo happier, though, is that he met Tyson Chandler in Chicago. Now the two are working with wasps. They are very good friends.

If you want to use a word to describe a friend, Chandler, he says he chooses "Hungry".

"He is the kind of player who wants to play 100% or even 200% at any time," Chandler said. "He always has plenty of energy and strong fighting spirit.

"And he said," maybe a lot of people didn't like me at the beginning. I didn't think I could fight, but I kept it up because I had my own efforts and the encouragement and support of my mother and brother Jeremy.

"Mother is the most respected and worshiped hero of Pego. His name is from the name of" Charlie May ".

It was mother's encouragement that allowed her to step forward today. "I feel that I can enter NBA because I have never lost heart.

I know there are many players like me, but not everyone can play in NBA, but I can, and more importantly, because I have a great mother who has always encouraged me and said to me, "children, you can do better," Pargo said.

Yes, in the two season of wasps, it is getting better and better.

In particular, this season, he has contributed 8.1 points and 2.4 assists in an average of 18.7 minutes per game. In the words of coach Scott, he said, "his value does not depend on the amount of data, but because he can play with CP, or let CP rest at ease."

"It's a practical dual energy guardian, so he got the nickname" TheMicrowave (microwave oven) "to describe his" plug and play "feature anytime, anywhere.

Compared with Vinnie Johnson, the "microwave oven" of the pistons, he was still unstable.

In the first round of the playoffs this year, he was very different in the 5 matches with the Mavericks and in the first 6 matches with the Spurs, especially in the first three games he lost to the Spurs, but he only had 27 shots in 6.

The feeling is not strange to Jeremy. When he was in the basketball court in the community, he said to his younger brother, "when you lose a ball and lose a ball and lose a ball, don't be discouraged. If you dare to take the courage to play again, whether or not the ball is flying into the basket, you will win."

In basketball, confidence is sometimes more important than technology.

"Jeremy's brother's remarks eventually benefited, and later Jeremy entered the University of Gangsha, and his ability was no longer under his brother.

It seemed necessary for him to say it again to himself.

This year's Bago and wasp actually failed.

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