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Kangnai Loves Wenchuan'S Donation 3 Million 100 Thousand

2008/5/26 0:00:00 10355

Kangnai Group

At 14:28 p.m. on May 12th, a strong earthquake of magnitude 7.8 occurred in Wenchuan County of Sichuan Province, causing heavy casualties and economic losses.

The news was broadcast by the media and immediately worried the whole nation.

Disaster is like fire.

Knowing the news, Zheng Xiukang, chairman of Kangnai group, immediately issued instructions: at present, the Kangnai people should act consciously and mobilize all kinds of strength to care for the disaster area.

In particular, he pointed out that every effort should be made to ensure that the disaster victims can understand the immediate disaster information as quickly as possible.

Shortly after the disaster, 100 video equipped computers of Kangnai employees' club were opened to employees of Sichuan and its surrounding provinces and cities for free.

They also communicate face to face with their loved ones who are working in their hometown or other provinces and cities through this platform.

Xiao Yang, a native of Mianyang, a heavily affected family in Sichuan, saw in her video that her elderly parents could not help but shed tears when they were lucky enough to visit relatives in Shenzhen.

In May 15th, the Kangnai employees' Cultural Festival, the men's and women's torch relay campaign, which was originally planned, also turned into a "donation ceremony for thousands of people in the Kangnai group."

At the ceremony, the Kangnai group sent a letter to the staff of Kangnai on the proposal of "welcoming the Olympic Games, offering love, stressing civilization and building fresh air", calling on all Kangnai people to "act in an emergency, donate money, contribute money, be in the disaster area, warm the victims, and do everything they can to support the reconstruction of the disaster area."

Zheng Xiukang, chairman of Kangnai group, asked the subsidiaries and marketing network personnel of Kangnai group's shoes industry, clothing, underwear, leather goods, mould and so on to take the initiative to carry forward the fine tradition of "one side is difficult and eight sides support", offering love and truth to the disaster areas such as Wenchuan.

He announced that Kangnai Group donated 1 million 100 thousand yuan for the disaster area, and donated 2 million yuan worth of leather shoes, clothing, underwear and other items. The top management officials of the company also poured their own deep love into the donation box.

Subsequently, 3000 Kangnai employees signed their names on the banner of 30 meters long and 1 meters wide, signified the firm belief and determination of Kangnai in their concerted efforts and relief efforts.

It is understood that the "Kangnai group million earthquake relief activities" will be extended from the headquarters of the company, departments and shops to Kangnai subsidiaries.

"Kangnai marketing system will mobilize the power of the global network to support the disaster area," said Zheng Laili, vice president of Kangnai group and general manager of marketing company.

She said that after a strong earthquake in Wenchuan, Kangnai Marketing Corporation first learned the details of the disaster through Kangnai Sichuan branch.

At the same time, Kangnai global marketing network 3000 stores, more than 10000 Kangnai global marketing staff also spontaneous donations, donations activities.

In the earthquake relief team, 200 Kangnai overseas stores are particularly eye-catching.

The head of the Kangnai company of France said excitedly: "the Chinese people have suffered such a heavy disaster. Our overseas Chinese feel very sad. The overseas branches of Kangnai, overseas stores and Kangnai dealers all over the world have agreed to raise funds for the disaster area and make modest contributions to the reconstruction of the disaster area."

It is reported that every Kangnai store will set up a disaster relief collection box to mobilize more social forces to support the disaster area.

"We are willing to do everything possible to support the people in the disaster area to rebuild their beautiful homeland. Kangnai people will always be linked to the hearts of the people in the disaster area."

Zheng Xiukang said.

Kangnai Group Co., Ltd.: Kangnai Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1980, is a regional enterprise group approved by the State Administration for Industry and commerce.

The main brand is Kangnai shoes, which includes leather goods, clothing, underwear, shoe models, etc.

The company has more than 4000 employees, assets of 500 million yuan, covers an area of 160 acres, and has world-class shoes making technology and equipment, with an annual output of about 9000000 pairs of high-grade leather shoes.

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