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Jia Zhangke'S Cannes Film Festival "Hate Hate And Lose Feather"

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Jia Zhangke donated 50 thousand to the Sichuan disaster area for the first time. Netizens were bluntly saying that it was not easy for them to donate 50 thousand yuan.

Benicio Del Toro relied on Che Guevara to win the best actor award in the Cannes Film Festival.

If Jia Zhangke racked his brains just to get the judges to move on, his plan failed.

But if Jia Zhangke wants to do only his image China, the prize is not enough.

The French, who were not good at local operations, finally picked up the golden palm with the French film's new Lauren Candit's masterpiece "wall between 21 years" after a long absence.

But the low cost, star less, half documentaries, watching movies and videos about life and society, do not make the French filmmakers feel more ecstatic. What they really appreciate is the melancholy and reckless world around them. They really want to thank them for movies and life.

"Wall to wall" refers to the situation of foreign students taking lessons in France. There are natural differences between teachers and students in their age and experience, and there is also a national contradiction that has lasted for a long time.

The chairman of the jury of the Cannes Film Festival is Sean Pam, who is soft and able to play the role.

The bad boy who left the world in the name of deviant and renown, abandoned the two political topics of the movie "dancing with Bashi" and "Palermo shootings" and returned to the refreshing sketches of the walls.

In fact, in recent years, Cannes has made the best of its exquisite and unique pieces.

Elephants overcame dog towns and three weeks and two days in April, and conquered the coming of blood.

But in every detail, almost every golden palm movie is an excellent political fable.

This time, the choice of golden palm is, in a sense, a social proposition larger than that of life.

People always like to take the will of the chairman of the jury as a potential wind vane.

It is not known whether the other judges are just for the occasion.

But at least the former chairman of the Venice Film Festival, Mark Muller, has a liking for Chinese films and has no secret. During his tenure, he has been the director of Chinese language for three consecutive sessions.

This is the only Chinese competition film "24 cities" written by the only competition unit. This book, which takes the perspective of the three generation of school flowers in a certain place in Sichuan, reflects the ambition of modern China's changing history. Before the suspense was uncovered, it was highly praised by France, but Jia Zhangke, who was too calm, decided nothing to do with the new work.

The author has not yet seen this film. From the distance of Shanxi to Sichuan's hinterland of the Three Gorges good man, Jia Zhangke tried to use a semi documentary image to describe a floating China.

Presumably, the 24 cities will not be divorced from this category.

That's probably a very pure Chinese movie, but often such a Chinese language is hard to get ahead of the top International Film Festival.

The only Chinese language masterpiece "Farewell My Concubine", which has been picked up by golden palm, is full of happiness and sadness without the Peking Opera and the cultural revolution.

Japan is closer to our fate at this point.

The works of shadow warrior, eel and so on are all internationalized and ethnic groups. Like Yasujiro Otsu and Yamada Yoji, such a masterpiece of the National People's attention is almost unnoticed in the dinner of judges.

I saw many newspapers talking about the failure of the 24 cities in Cannes.

If Jia Zhangke racked his brains just to get the judges to move on, he could say that his plan failed.

But if Jia Zhangke wants to do only his image China, the prize is not enough for him.

Actually, what I want to say is that a movie with "hate" will not only fail but also be forgotten.

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