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Del Hui Jay Chou

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Host: Hello, netizens, welcome to the live broadcast of the twentieth international sports Expo held in Chengdu.

Sitting next to me is Ms. Fang Hui, marketing director of del Hui China Limited.

Then, after the last interview, we saw that he was Mr. Zhang Qing, general manager of Beijing mobile Sports Development Co., Ltd.

The interview was at the beginning of the battle.

In the afternoon, Jay Chou, the spokesman for del Hui, will come to the scene of our meeting.

Ms. Fang, signing with Jay Chou from 03 years has been several years.

What kind of development path did you sign with Jay Chou?

Fang Zong: from 2003 to now, our sports brand is a basketball player regardless of its personality. Jay Chou's personality, style, positive image and talent are all in line with the brand. Our cooperation is very good, but also more and more mature, and more and more tacit understanding.

Will continue for a long time.

Moderator: from the perspective of publicity endorsement, del Hui means an entertainment and sports brand line.

Fang Zong: now is the market for young people. Young people will always take the route of entertainment for brand promotion.

Most Chinese sports brands find their own style, but we are with young people.

At the beginning, such a choice is in the hazy stage of sports brand, and then the route to make it better and better, which is different from everyone else.

Host: Zhang Zhang, what do you think is the relationship between sports marketing and entertainment?

Zhang: then I will share this view.

In the "satellite TV dictionary", sports itself is a kind of entertainment. The first thing is for interest, and then, no matter whether it is a competitive sport, it has become spontaneous behavior from spontaneity.

From perceptual to rational, enterprises should develop sports and not abandon sports themselves.

Host: what preparations have been made for the 08 year Olympic Games?

Fang Zong: we mainly want to have a positioning, take entertainment, sports, 08 years of technology upgrading, technology applied to professional, product quality technology research and development.

Del Hui's consumers love sports.

In the past 08 years, we have taken the entertainment route and the trend of the competition arrangement.

Moderator: it seems that more technology combines sports and entertainment, combining professional and entertainment.

Zhang: if sporting goods do not have the support of professional performance, competition will be more intense and competition will be more intense. They will go into the same competitive field with JEANSWEST and left Dan. This is not a rule.

Fang Zong: no matter how it is done, it will eventually return to the product.

Consumers choose products with higher requirements for products. We should adapt to the requirements of the market and improve the performance of products.

Zhang: through tengsun, we used to look at our local sporting goods wearing colored glasses.

In the past more than 10 years, we have entered the upgrading, management, technology research and development have been greatly improved.

Good things need interactive entertainment and better participation opportunities.

Host: OK.

Because time is limited, we can not talk deeply with Mr. Fang. I hope more netizens will pay more attention to Jay Chou.

In the afternoon, our website will also be Jay Chou, a spokesman for del Hui.

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