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Fujian Meck Donated 3 Million 500 Thousand To Sichuan Earthquake Stricken Area

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Disaster Area

After Fujian Meck contributed 3 million 500 thousand to the earthquake stricken area in Sichuan, Fujian Meck contributed 3 million 500 thousand to Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan earthquake area, the famous sporting goods brand, Meck, donated 3 million 500 thousand to the disaster area, including 150 thousand staff donations and 2 million 350 thousand clothing.

Among them, 1 million 150 thousand yuan love money was introduced to the Jinjiang Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau's love account in May 16th, and 2 million 350 thousand of donated clothing will be pported to the disaster area in the near future.

The major earthquake disasters in Sichuan caused serious losses to personnel and property.

After the Sichuan earthquake touched the hearts of the Merkel, Ding Siqiang, chairman of the company, rushed back to Jinjiang from Singapore, and organized and called on his employees to donate money for the victims.

Ding Siqiang said: "for this sudden disaster, we feel as sad and sad as the people all over the country.

I was surprised to hear that a magnitude 8 earthquake occurred in Wenchuan, Sichuan. I will rush back to Jinjiang from Singapore, hoping to do my part for the disaster area.

We learned about the shortage of clothing and other daily necessities in the disaster area. We decided to donate clothes to the compatriots in the disaster area at the same time.

The Chinese nation has the traditional virtues of "one side has difficulties and eight sides support".

It is incumbent on us to extend a helping hand and help our people in disaster areas to tide over difficulties together.

We will do our best to help our compatriots suffering from the earthquake. Our love and your brave heart will be here. Meck will continue to pay close attention to the relief and reconstruction work in the disaster area, and fully support the rescue and rehabilitation work in the disaster area.

It is reported that Fujian Meck is a famous sporting goods brand in China. It has been awarded the national inspection free product, China famous trademark and Fujian famous trademark. It has won many awards from China (Jinjiang) International Footwear Expo Gold Medal and China advertising festival silver award.

Meck has been awarded the honor of Fujian's "high and new technology enterprise", Fujian advanced quality management enterprise, Fujian qualified enterprise and foreign investment "double excellent" enterprise.

Since its inception in 1999, Meck has adhered to the business philosophy of "long term operation, strong development, pioneering and innovative, harmonious and win-win", and implemented the management policy of "quality as the core, management as the core, service as the core, service as the foundation, and talent as the strong". Taking the consumer satisfaction as the criterion, we should give full play to the spirit of teamwork, pragmatic work, strengthen management and innovate continuously, so as to satisfy the needs of consumers.

In 2007, Meck signed a strategic partnership with the Chinese women's hockey team, challenging 08 and winning the Olympic Games.

Moreover, Meck advocates the concept of healthy life, such as sports, aesthetic time, Meck and challenge every moment. It is committed to promoting the formation of "lifestyle of life" and developing sports and leisure products that are compatible with the consumption needs of young consumer groups, such as "healthy, dynamic, promising, free, happy and excellent".

Today, the Meck brand sales network has covered the whole country, and its market share is rising day by day. It has been exported to dozens of countries and regions such as Germany, Switzerland, Holland, France, Argentina, Poland and so on, and its products are well received.

Since its establishment, Meck has always been committed to social responsibility and social responsibility.

The company and the chairman attached great importance to charitable and public welfare. In recent years, tens of millions of dollars have been donated to education and other public welfare charities, and have been commended by the Party committee and government for many times, and have been affirmed by leaders at all levels.

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