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How To Buy Outdoor Shoes

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< p > spring outing, outing, flower appreciation, mountaineering, hiking...

The arrival of spring makes people unwilling to live indoors.

Walking in nature is the test of a target= "_blank" href= "//www.sjfzxm.com/" and "shoes /a", because it is basically the only place where human body is closely related to the earth.

However, many people do not really understand shoes, especially outdoor shoes suitable for walking.

We can be a new donkey, but we can't always be a rookie, so it's very necessary to study the knowledge of outdoor shoes together.

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< p > shoe recognition < /p >.

< p > outdoor shoes basically include high mountain boots, hiking shoes, walking shoes, casual shoes, tracing shoes, climbing shoes, beach shoes, ski boots, golf shoes and so on. The most important thing is the most commonly mentioned mountaineering shoes and walking shoes. So, take these two shoes as an example, how should we choose? < /p >

< p > according to outdoor experts, the first step is to consider the strength, topography, road conditions and so on, and decide the type of shoes.

When you are involved in a variety of outdoor travel activities, it means that you need a variety of different shoes to adapt to you, you can't expect to buy a pair of shoes to bring full function.

As for the choice of high or low shoes, it should be decided according to the road conditions. Generally speaking, the more complex roads need the care of high shoes.

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< p > whether the sole is bought "a href=" http://cailiao.sjfzxm.com/ "> Vibram" /a "(V bottom) is once the focus of many people's controversy.

In fact, skid resistance and wear resistance are always a contradiction. All outdoor shoes only find a balance between them. In general, mountaineering shoes pay more attention to the wearability of shoes and the support to their feet, so they are relatively less slippery.

Some of the walking shoes do not use the V sole, but also emphasize the relative wear resistance on the basis of skid resistance.

More attention should be paid to slippery factors in walking in the southern landscape.

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< p > shoes > /p >

< p > from the perspective of style, there are many shoes nowadays. Some people like to have rubber on the top of the mountaineering toe, which can prevent the damage of toe heads such as stones often. But some people like the whole leather pattern. Some people like to make beautiful skin and choose the style that they like.

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< p > material, it is usually difficult to clean up fur, but it is more fashionable. Besides the field crossing, the city is also very good at leisure, while the NUBUK is better to clean up.

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< p > workmanship is difficult to distinguish from good or bad appearance in footwear products. It can only be judged from the details of the upper part of the upper part and the stitching of the tongue.

Relative to other outdoor travel equipment, footwear quality problems will be more, this is related to its intensity of use, and also related to the quality of shoes.

The best persuasive force for quality is the repair rate of shoes. If you are not sure, consult the shop assistant of the outdoor shop.

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< p > test shoes < /p >

< p > the most important thing to buy shoes is to try shoes.

Whether the shoes are comfortable or not, whether they fit or not, they just know themselves, so pick up a few shoes that you are satisfied with, then try them both until you find a comfortable shoe that you wear.

If there is hesitation between beauty and fit, be sure to buy fit.

Walk around with your shoes on. If you have a shoe stand, you can try it in a simulated outdoor environment.

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< p > in addition, many domestic "a href=" //www.sjfzxm.com/news/index_x.asp "outdoor shoes > /a" are all European and American styles, which are slightly different from Chinese feet. Europeans have smaller feet than Asians, lower feet and smaller heel slopes.

It is recommended to wear thick socks when buying shoes. After wearing them, it is advisable to leave 1 centimeters of space in the shoes. The simple way is to see whether a finger can be inserted.

People's feet will be larger in the afternoon and evening than in the morning. These factors need to be taken into account when buying shoes.

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