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Hawks Use Technology To Change The Way To Buy Clothes.

2013/10/24 16:01:00 24

And Eagle TechnologyAnd Hawk Fashion Consultant System.

< p > Fashion Consultant System is an epoch-making change for end users! < /p >

< p > pick up this, think that is also good, want to buy black and feel green is also very suitable.

Hesitating, it seems that many women will encounter "difficult problems" when they buy "a target=" _blank "href=" http://www.sjfzxm.com/ "> clothing" /a ".

At the 2013 China International Sewing Equipment Exhibition held in Shanghai recently, the "fashion consultant store system" launched by Shanghai and Eagle electronic and electronic Polytron Technologies Inc has solved this difficult problem by using science and technology, so that consumers can understand themselves better.

< /p >

< p > 20 seconds, 85 human size data, standing in front of the 3D body scanner, automatic scanning of the instrument, automatic operation of the system, creating your unique human body model.

At the same time, according to your shape, skin color and facial features, the fitting system automatically retrieves the style of your costumes that are suitable for you.

Together with Eagle Technology, three companies from Belgium and the United States launched the "fashion consultant store system", which brings together cutting-edge information technology, using solutions that are most close to actual needs, understand you better than you do, and enhance consumer tastes through technology.

< /p >

At present, Hai Lan's home has been working with Eagle Technology to become the first a target= "_blank" href= "http://www.sjfzxm.com/" in the country, and the clothing /a brand.

Soon, consumers can feel the new shopping experience at the Hai Lan home store.

And Eagle Technology chairman Yin Zhiyong said, "fashion consultant store system" for terminal consumers will be an epoch-making change! < /p >

"P", according to Zhou Lina, director of the three dimensional business division of Eagle Technology, this kind of consultant marketing integrated with technology is more efficient and more precise than the marketing method which is provided by shopping guide in the past.

"Regardless of the type, color, machine scan can give consumers the most suitable advice in a very short time," Zhou Lina said.

And using the fashion consultant magic mirror system, before the display, consumers can look like a mirror, try more clothes, record the effect of each try, compare and buy.

You can also ask friends to make suggestions and suggestions through mail, WeChat, micro-blog and so on.

< /p >

< p > "the application of 3D mannequin completed by 3D scanning and mapping is very wide. Besides selling in the store, more on the Internet, tablet computers, mobile phones and other clients, this kind of sales mode that meets the needs of consumers will be more widely applied," Zhou Lina said.

At present, the return rate of the e-business is 20%-25%, because there is a gap between the picture display and the model display and the real try out of consumers. Therefore, online fashion consultant online shopping system can be used to reload and match the 3D models on the Internet, which can really show the effect of dress and avoid the disadvantages that online shopping can not be tried on.

< /p >

< p > at the same time, brand operators also enhance their added value in the application of the system. Mastering the detailed data of consumers can provide personalized service better, so that consumers feel that the brand knows him best and will increase consumer loyalty to the brand.

Using the fashion consultant magic mirror system, the brand can display the product to the maximum extent without having to be confined to the display area of the shop.

Zhou Lina said, "the future store is more like a product display terminal. All the clothes in the brand season can be displayed on this server, virtually expanding the display area of the brand.

At the same time, it is also more closely linked with the line, which determines production by demand and effectively reduces inventory.

< /p >

< p > the development of 3D scanning and intelligent fitting is not just a hawk technology company, but in addition to using technology to make the terminal of clothing industry chain more intelligent, the advantages of < a href= "http://sjfzxm.com/news/index_c.asp" and "Eagle Technology > /a" are the main line of "Numeral", and connect the seam front, seam and seam.

In addition to human scanning and smart fitting, Eagle technology has developed many automation devices and corresponding software for tailoring, intelligent hanging, warehousing and logistics for personalized customization market.

"Such a complete system runs through the entire industrial chain of clothing, and avoids the docking problem of the two development, which is unique in the sewing equipment market." Yin Zhiyong is full of confidence in the future of the system.

< /p >

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