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The Great Revelation Of Vampire Dresses In Halloween

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< p style= "text-align: center" > img border= "0" alt= "align=" center "src=" /uploadimages/201310/24/20131024045257_sj.JPG "/" < < > >

< p > < strong > Halloween children < a target= "_blank" href= "http://www.sjfzxm.com/" > dress < /a > DIY production steps: < /strong > /p >

< p > looking for paper handbags, A3 white paper inside, handbag hardness and softness are very good, mask is not easy to bad; < /p >

< p > draw the Outline: the location of eyes, nose and mouth; < /p >

< p > cut out two holes in your eyes and red on your mouth; < /p >

< p > cut two sharp teeth with white paper and stick them on the mouth; < /p >

< p > draw a horror and disgusting design on the mask; < /p >

< p > look for a place on both sides of the eye to cut two small holes. Take the rope from the handle and put one on the hole. It can be used as the rope for fixing the mask; < /p >

< p > black cloth is made of wrapping cloth in the tea box, because it is not black, so black cloth is used to dye the cloth black. It must be black cloth.

Then stitch it to the paper.

< /p >

< p > the simplest one is the drifting ghost. A white sheet can cut two holes.

< /p >

< p > is also playing the devil, a "a href=" http://www.sjfzxm.com/news/list.aspx "ClassId=101112108111" > hair band < /a > stick two red small ears, a red scarf to make Cape.

< /p >

< p > draw a long horned monster mask with blood on your own.

< /p >

"P" Halloween is to dress up oddly. As long as we prepare more strong paper and let them draw themselves, it is OK to wear them.

< /p >

< p > < strong > note: < /strong > < /p >

< p > finally, don't forget to prepare ketchup. Tomato sauce can be used for blood. Since it's horrible, a href= "http://www.sjfzxm.com/news/list.aspx ClassId=101112108111" > Halloween /a, it is natural for you to decorate your Halloween costume with a horrible atmosphere.

< /p >

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