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Fashionable Shoes In Paris Fashion Week

2013/10/24 16:24:00 28

Paris Fashion WeekPopular Brand ShoesShoes.

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< p > have seen the street leisure in New York, the sky and sky in London, the elegance and elegance of Milan, but Paris brings us a burst of creativity. From the top 20 brands in this season, the powerful "a target=" _blank "href=" http://www.sjfzxm.com/ "shoes" /a "shoes" constitute a very attractive show, the first is the brand of Celine bandage thick black shoes, in a colorful dress, these black flat shoes are undoubtedly bringing the highlights of the show. < /p >
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< p > and Louis Vuitton's black boots, black plumes made of feather, and black shoes also bring shock. Balenciana brings black and pointed elegance. Isabel Marant's black high heels bring punk and fresh combination with rivets and lovely bow ties. Carven's pinch high heels, Anthony Vaccarello's concise design, and Rick Owens's black sports shoes are all the black expressions of the season. Or sexy, charming, comfortable, or neutral, or avant-garde, all of which are striking the top of Paris's fashion. < /p >
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< p > this classic black nostalgia will inevitably have the pleasing color of the house throughout the show. Vanlentino noble and elegant retro court < a target= "_blank" href= "http://www.sjfzxm.com/" > dress < /a >, with green and black plain woven ancient shoes, with refreshing refreshing. Miu Miu, the king of high heels, won the attention of the whole field with a yellowish high boot. From the tip of the shoe to the knee strapped belt, the elegance was complicated. Insurmountable Dior's dark green lacquer high heels and pointed designs highlight the modern girl's capable temperament. Alexander McQueen is a geometric form of ornamental splicing, orange high saturation color, full of childishness and creative inspiration at the same time. A gold Lanvin dress with a pair of golden bandages and high heels. < /p >
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< p > the last Rochas is in a black and white fashion and colorful coloured embellishment, with its dreamy gorgeous style, accompanied by its characteristic flash, a href= "http://cailiao.sjfzxm.com/Matertial/show/default.aspx" > fabric < /a > and inlaid crystal ornament, firmly grasped people's eyeball. Luxurious feathers meet crystal kissing T stage, while the dynamic and gorgeous is more crystal clear. < /p >
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