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Fuhai International: Help Industrial Brand Transformation And Accelerate Fashion Layout

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Following the launch of Beijing Dahongmen Fuhai International National Tour in Hangzhou on September 23, the second stop of the tour was opened in Guangzhou Oriental Hotel on October 13. The tour of Guangzhou Station continued to focus on "winning" and selling to North China. Beijing Dahongmen Clothing Trade City (Group), the leader of Beijing Dahongmen Business District, together with its five phase high-end project Fuhai International, met with well-known clothing brands, designers and self owned brands in Guangzhou, Dongguan, Humen, Shenzhen and Fujian.

Qian Jin, Vice President of Circulation Branch of China Textile Industry Federation and President of Textile and Garment Weekly, Zhang Haiyan, Secretary General of Circulation Branch of China Textile Industry Federation, Shen Zifeng, Deputy Secretary General of Shenzhen Garment Association, Chen Chongcai, Chairman of Beijing Xinfuhai Industry and Trade Group and President of Beijing Dahongmen Garment Association, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Xinfuhai Industry and Trade Group Chen Fang, General Manager of Beijing Dahongmen Garment Trade City (Group), Bu Xiaoqiang, General Manager of Kapok International Fashion City, Zhang Jin, Deputy General Manager of Guangzhou Baima Garment Market Co., Ltd. and other guests attended the tour ceremony of Guangzhou Station.

At the ceremony, Fuhai International announced the strategic cooperation with representatives of Baima and Kapok professional markets, and several Guangzhou brands also signed contracts with Dahongmen agents. Finally, Chen Chongcai injected Jinsha into "Fuhai International" and announced the official launch of the Guangzhou Tour.

Helping industrial brand transformation

Today, the whole clothing industry is facing transformation and upgrading. Although the impact of the global financial crisis still exists, Guangdong's clothing industry is still strong. However, the most significant change is that Guangdong is becoming a fashion center. However, clothing and fashion are two completely different concepts. In the context of the collective call for transformation and upgrading of the entire clothing industry, brand operators will not stop at the production link, nor will dealers stop at the circulation link, because consumers want to buy not only clothing, but fashion.

"We are pleased to see that branding has become the second productive force of China's clothing industry." Chen Fang said that numerous excellent clothing brands were born in the Pearl River Delta and Fujian, and they went to the country and the world with their excellent design, continuous innovation and unique culture. Therefore, in this era of branding, we need closer integration of upstream and downstream industries.

Zhang Jin is deeply impressed by this. As the core force and market of Guangzhou Fashion International Purchasing Center, Baima Garment Market just ushered in the 20th anniversary celebration of its opening at the beginning of this year.

Zhang Jin said: "On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Baima, many domestic peers gathered in Baima to discuss the future development trend of clothing, and determined the construction policy of adhering to branding, transformation and upgrading, steady operation and breaking through brand operation capability."

Zhang Haiyan also pointed out that, "At present, the clothing professional market in both Beijing and Guangzhou is facing the same problem. How can we better serve the brand oriented merchants with the upgrading of the market? So we also noticed that in the new Fuhai International Project of Dahongmen, Dahongmen Clothing Trade City (Group) A lot of pre design and tracking services have been done, including e-commerce, design services, public platform construction, etc. "

In this context, the joining of China Textile Design Center has undoubtedly injected a "tonic" into the Dahongmen Fuhai International Project. It is reported that China Textile Design Center has reached an agreement with Fuhai International to use its high-quality design resources to provide design services for the majority of clothing brands. In addition, a series of projects such as the College Students Creative Design Park are in the process of planning and promotion.

According to Zhang Haiyan, Zhongfang Design Center was founded in 2009, which pioneered the signing and joining mode of designers to provide comprehensive services for designers. At present, more than 260 designers have signed contracts. In addition, China Textile Design Center has both professional markets and brand enterprises in terms of design service objects. In addition, it also has design services for designers.

Accelerate the layout of fashion industry

In 2007, the Beijing Municipal Government released the plan to build the Dahongmen area into the core area of the fashion capital of Beijing, which opened the strategic transformation of Dahongmen from the clothing wholesale business model to the industrialization, scale and international development.

In the 12th Five Year Plan of Beijing, Dahongmen Business District has been identified as the "Dahongmen Fashion and Creative Industry Cluster", which marks the success of Dahongmen's march towards cultural and creative industries.

It is understood that after the launch of Fuhai International Project, Dahongmen Garment Trading Group will also successively launch the construction projects of Xinfuhai Building, Dahongmen Garment Culture Street and CBC Building. Chen Fang said, "These three projects, together with the Fuhai International Project, will promote the industrial upgrading of the whole Dahongmen area, thus forming the high-end business pattern of Dahongmen. The future Dahongmen business circle will certainly become one of the fashion centers, creative centers, and clothing exhibition and trade centers in Beijing and even China."

Behind the Dahongmen Fuhai International Project is the accelerating pace of building Beijing into a fashion capital, strengthening the construction of the clothing industry base, and accelerating the improvement of the layout of Beijing's fashion industry.

Qian Jin pointed out that Dahongmen Business District is an important gathering place of Beijing clothing professional market, and its products radiate overseas markets such as Russia, Japan and South Korea. Under the guidance of the national policy of expanding domestic sales, Dahongmen · Fuhai International is an important brand development platform for many national physical brands. With the continuous improvement of the market foundation, the creation of regions and the reasonable standardization of the market service system, it can provide more development space and sales platform for brands.

At the exhibition tour ceremony, representatives of several brand dealers in Dahongmen Business District also expressed their expectations for Dahongmen Fuhai International Project in various forms. Brand dealers such as Duoyi, Jise, Baolai International, Shizhiou and Yiyu said that the "wholesale and retail combination" sales model was one of the main reasons to attract them to Fuhai International. In addition, the superior geographical location and the sunken space design are also two major factors for dealers to look at the Fuhai International project.

It is reported that Fuhai International also organized nearly 100 powerful dealers in Beijing Dahongmen Business District (with annual sales of more than 10 million yuan) to participate in the exhibition. Through the exhibition tour platform, the dealers held one-on-one business talks with the participating clothing brands, communicated various cooperation matters such as distribution agents, and built an effective platform for the excellent brands in Guangdong and Fujian to expand in the north.

Multi resources promote North South sharing

As one of the most developed regions in China's clothing industry, Guangdong has incubated and cultivated a number of representative national brands, designers and designer brands. Guangzhou Liuhua Business District has gathered many well-known professional clothing markets, especially the Baima Clothing Market and the Kapok International Fashion City. In recent years, it has also cultivated many excellent independent clothing brands through continuous innovative management and market upgrading.

And many professional markets under Beijing Dahongmen Garment Trade City (Group) are the largest, most influential and most mature professional garment markets in North China and even in China, and also the only way for many small and medium-sized brands to enter the national market stage. At present, Beijing Dahongmen Garment Trade City has created more value for merchants, strengthened the role of the market, and also strengthened the functions of brand incubator and operation center, which meets the market demand of brand merchants and brings more business opportunities for merchants.

At the exhibition tour ceremony, Dahongmen Fuhai International signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangzhou Baima Clothing Market and Kapok International Fashion City. Zhang Jin pointed out that this docking activity between Baima and Fuhai International will create a good channel for Guangdong clothing, represented by Baima, to expand northward, which is also a new measure to break through channel construction. Many high-quality agents of Dahongmen came to the scene to have face-to-face exchanges with Yuepai Fashion Brand, which is undoubtedly a good start. I believe that both sides can collide with each other in their exchanges to develop better ideas and achieve common growth.

Bu Xiaoqiang said: "The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement has built a higher level innovation and development platform for businesses, promoted the transformation and development of the industry, and marked a new stage of development for the cooperation in the professional clothing wholesale market. The strong cooperation will play a role of yeast, radiation and demonstration in independent innovation and core competitiveness."

Qian Jin also affirmed the contribution of Fuhai International Tour to the effective communication between the North and South professional markets. "Through the exchange of brands in the market, I believe that more and better strategic cooperation can be achieved, the expansion of brand marketing channels can be promoted, the brand development can be assisted, the resources of both sides can be fully utilized, the market circulation between the north and the south can be strengthened, and even the great circulation and development can be achieved."

At the exhibition tour ceremony, not only did Dahongmen reach strategic cooperation agreements with many leading professional markets in Guangzhou, but also many Guangzhou brands signed contracts with Dahongmen agents, truly realizing the sharing of resources between the north and the south.

It is reported that there were 4 days before and after the Guangzhou exhibition tour. After the launch ceremony, Dahongmen Fuhai International also held a special "Guangdong Fujian Fashion" brand clothing exhibition. Reporters saw on the scene that many Guangdong excellent clothing brands appeared in this exhibition, attracting a large number of merchants to stop and watch. After the Guangzhou Tour, as the final battle of this national tour, the Beijing Tour will also be launched in early November.

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