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Puyuan Sweater Theme Pavilion: Strength Of Participating In The Exhibition

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After 30 years of development and growth, the sweater industry of Puyuan has become the leader of the national sweater industry, forming the effect of "high-quality sweaters, made by Puyuan", "brand sweaters look at Puyuan", and the "fashion city of China's sweater capital" is rising.

On October 21, the "2013 PH value No.1 · China Sweaters Theme Day" jointly created by China Knitting Industry Association and Puyuan was held in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center, which was an overall appearance of Puyuan Sweaters on the international platform of fashion frontier spin With the opportunity that the three exhibitions of Fabrics and Accessories (Autumn and Winter) Expo and China International Textile Yarn (Autumn and Winter) Expo are on the same stage, the original brand of Puyuan sweaters was released in Shanghai, the gathering place of China's fashion industry, showing the flow trend of Puyuan sweaters, and promoting Puyuan sweaters to go global.

In this event, Puyuan launched 11 local enterprises with obvious scale advantages, outstanding independent brands, smooth marketing channels and broad development prospects to participate. Through static display, dynamic release and other forms, it will rely on exquisite workmanship, flowing colors and new models to conquer professional buyers and purchasers. Through this new form, Puyuan has spread its knowledge to the whole country and even the whole world clothing The world shows the original strength and quality charm of Puyuan sweater design and brand.

Puyuan Sweater Theme Pavilion: strength of participating in the exhibition

On the morning of October 21, "PH value first" Puyuan Sweater Theme Pavilion will appear in the N4 exhibition area of Shanghai New International Exhibition.

Puyuan Sweater Theme Pavilion covers an area of 360 square meters, and is knitted in the early autumn Clothes & Accessories 10 brand advantage enterprises of Puyuan Sweaters, such as Sanji'ou Garments, Lansheng Cashmere Garments, Pure Love Garments, Qianshengxi Garments, Chunlei Garments, Arctic Sheep Garments, Yangming Garments, Yizhixing Garments and Queping Textile&Chemical, will appear in the exhibition with a new attitude. Behind these outstanding knitting garment enterprises is Puyuan's sweater industry chain system with technological innovation and strong strength, which focuses on knitting garment production, including spinning, knitting, printing and dyeing, finishing, auxiliary material production, knitting machinery manufacturing, etc., and thus ranks among the largest knitting industry clusters in China. Zhejiang Queping Textile Chemical Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in textile auxiliaries, sweater finishing, garment dyeing, digital printing and other special processes, will continue to stand at the forefront of technological innovation in the wool knitting industry with new products of high added value.

"Puyuan Sweater Theme Museum" opened

At the opening ceremony of the "Puyuan Sweaters Theme Pavilion", the results of the "Puyuan Sweaters Cup" China Woolen Knitwear Cultural Creative Design Competition were announced, and it was a new pioneer in the award-winning sweater apparel industry designer Awards. This is another important measure for Puyuan to support the original design of sweaters, which will strongly promote the exploration of Puyuan's sweaters into the field of fashion design, and further promote the independent innovation, brand building, transformation and upgrading of Puyuan's wool knitting clothing industry. The design competition, which is upgraded year by year, relies on the public service platform with complete system. The mechanism of integrating high-quality resources and improving quality service provides sweater enterprises with high-end services such as knitting technology, informatization, brand culture, brand planning, cultural communication, intellectual property rights, etc.

Investment environment description: "Connecting to Shanghai" shows the name card of Puyuan

At the same time, this activity held the "Integration with Shanghai" Investment Environment Seminar of Puyuan, which showed the economic and social development achievements and excellent entrepreneurial environment of Puyuan to the investors from all walks of life through the promotion of the investment environment of Puyuan. In the event, there will also be interactive exchanges between merchants and the government. Through face-to-face exchanges and communications, we will enhance understanding between regions, strengthen regional cooperation, seek common development, and encourage and attract more merchants to invest in Puyuan and start businesses in Puyuan.

Puyuan Sweater Night: Brand "Show" in Puyuan Fashion

On the evening of October 21, the opening ceremony of "PH value No.1" and the night of sweaters in Puyuan were held in Pudong Hall of Kerry Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai.

At the Sweater Night of Puyuan, the original local brands "Shallow Autumn" and "Sanctuary Europe" launched the pure, sweet, intelligent, elegant, confident and enthusiastic sweater fashion with the theme of "Love Knitting World Tour" and "Resuscitated Desert" respectively, creating a distinctive "Sweater Night of Puyuan", Lead the audience to appreciate the colorful frontier creativity of Chinese local sweaters!

Puyuan Sweaters participated in the "PH value first fair" for the first time. As a continuation of Puyuan International Woolen Knitting Expo in the first half of the year, the purpose of participating in such a grand event is to constantly improve the professional service system of Puyuan cluster brand display, trend release, summit forum and business docking through exhibition, brand promotion, order negotiation, technical discussion and other activities, Meet the needs of enterprises seeking orders and distributors, as well as the needs of brand promotion. In addition, local chambers of commerce and industry associations will also take this opportunity to participate in activities. Through this fashion platform, Puyuan will further clarify the development direction of "China's Sweater Capital Fashion City", enrich and enhance the connotation and taste of Puyuan's sweaters, promote the creative design and brand marketing of Puyuan's sweaters, build a brand publishing platform with distinctive temperament and dynamic and static combination, and tell the national and world clothing industry about the original strength of design and brands.

The clothing trade platform "PH value No.1" with international influence is sponsored by the China Textile Industry Federation, and jointly built by the Textile Industry Branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the China Knitting Industry Association, and the China Garment Association. "PH value No.1" will form a diversified pattern integrating exhibition, dynamic show, trend release and forum, focusing on the realization of trade functions and brand publicity, and serving the needs of enterprises seeking orders and channel providers respectively with exhibition and release show as the main body to meet the needs of brands.

Entering Puyuan——

Puyuan is an ancient town in the south of the Yangtze River with a history of more than 800 years. Puyuan Town ranks 80th in the ranking of the comprehensive development level of villages and towns nationwide, and 19th in the ranking of the investment potential of villages and towns nationwide.

Puyuan has a strong sweater industry foundation and market sales advantages. The regional economy of wool knitting centered on Puyuan has taken shape. Puyuan and its surrounding areas have more than 5000 sweater production enterprises, forming a wool knitting industry force of more than 200000 people. In the first half of 2013, the turnover of the sweater market reached 6.76 billion yuan, up 20% year on year. The logistics freight volume reached 60000 tons. In recent years, the brand construction of Puyuan's sweater industry has achieved remarkable results. At present, Puyuan has cultivated more than 800 independent sweater brands. A large number of wool knitted clothing brands have been recognized as China's well-known trademarks and Chinese famous brands. Puyuan's sweater market has been awarded "China's Top Ten Garment Professional Markets", "China's Large Brand Market" "National Top 100 Commodity Trading Market" and other titles. At present, Puyuan has put forward the development orientation of building a "famous fashion city, the capital of Chinese sweaters".

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