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T-Shirts And Short Skirts Are Most Popular In Late Autumn.

2013/10/25 18:13:00 33

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How can we show the most fashionable self? Many beautiful female friends are struggling with this problem. Actually, this question is very simple. Choosing a single product can add a lot of fashionable colors to you.

The star pattern has the personality to wear the head clothes, wears on the body immediately becomes the tidal wave person. With a grid umbrella skirt, black. Knee socks Retro single shoes, simple and generous, full of youthful sense of liveliness.

Beautiful prints Jacket Retro fashion, fresh and nice, with black leather skirt, thick sole shoes, go shopping with your sisters, wear this set of girlfriends to keep your eyes open.


White flower pattern black jacket with red wine. Martel Sachiko The handsome short boots, the whole people through the temperament of children, fresh and fashionable sense, super bright and fresh.

Bright green sleeved sweater, loose version, letter pattern decoration, European and American fashion, with light grey bottomed skirt, blue thick sole shoes, wearing a slim and tall figure.

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