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Bamag Challenges China'S New Standard Based On China Market

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< p > referring to the BMG of orrican Textile Group, the first thing to come to mind is a bunch of heavyweight words: DuPont, Germany, Hearst, Taiwan South Asia chemical fiber, Sinopec, China Petroleum, Yizheng chemical fiber......

Every customer of Bamag enjoys a high reputation all over the world.

Listening to Stefan Kross, managing director of bmag, tells of the innovative way of "a href=" http://www.sjfzxm.com/news/index_c.asp "bmag /a". It can not help but sigh that it is an art based on science and technology, excellent quality and good service.

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< p > < strong > innovation breaking the financial crisis < /strong > < /p >

Since P was founded in 1922, its products are widely used in the chemical fiber industry at home and abroad due to its reliable quality and excellent performance.

After decades of global development, today's bmag has been developed by a single equipment manufacturing supplier into a comprehensive programme that has been recognized in the textile industry. It covers polyester, nylon 6, nylon 66, polypropylene, PTT and PLA, including the key project.

Whether the service object is ordinary silk or special silk, civilian silk or industrial yarn, bmag engineering design service has achieved great success all over the world.

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< p > Stefan Kross always uses the lunar calendar to distinguish the year, and laments its "do in Rome as the Romans do". It is not hard to think of the idea of "market innovation".

Admittedly, the character of business leaders will affect corporate culture. Stefan Kross said: "Ou Ruikang's core values are integrity, excellence, teamwork spirit and innovation.

As a management department, it is necessary to set an example to integrate these values into one's own life.

Now we have succeeded in doing this.

Our team has a great team spirit based on trust.

One of the principles of Ou Ruikang's "innovation" values is to encourage "ideas and ideas from all localities and individuals in the company", which is also the best example of teamwork.

With the team, these innovative ideas can be pformed from ideas into reality.

< /p >

< p > mentioned that the global financial crisis in the past year has led to the devastation of China's "a href=" http://www.sjfzxm.com/news/index_c.asp "textile industry < /a >, but Stefan Kross has been very optimistic. He laughs that the severe economic situation is beneficial and harmless to the" a href= "http:/ /www.sjfzxm.com/news/index_c.asp" brand influence "less than the" brand ".

< /p >

When p comes to the end of the financial turmoil, it is undoubtedly a high value-added for many companies to provide effective solutions.

Faced with the severe economic situation, many yarn manufacturers specially chose to buy the equipment system of bamag. They knew clearly that at this time, we should not rush to the immediate interests, but we need to locate the products properly.

"The spirit of Bama is to provide customers with innovative solutions."

Stefan Kross said so.

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< p > < strong > high quality based on Chinese market < /strong > /p >

< p > over the past few decades, China's yarn production capacity accounts for 70% of the world's total, and China's chemical fiber production capacity has reached 60% of the world's capacity. In the face of the rising cost of raw materials and labor in China's chemical fiber industry, Bama is also facing challenges. When many leading textile enterprises devote more energy to the upgrading of the industry, Bama does not implement new market strategies in this regard, but firmly believes that only by constantly meeting challenges and adapting to changes can we find a real breakthrough. "This coincides with our concept. The key to success lies in the spirit of innovation and product quality."

Stefan Kross said.

< /p >

< p > "we believe that the development of China's chemical fiber should be developed towards high quality and high efficiency in the future. The world is changing constantly and our economic environment is changing accordingly.

A company active in the world must be able to respond flexibly to changes at any given time.

We are adjusting our organizational structure in order to adapt to changing economic conditions.

At the same time, our strong international network will also provide strong support at any time.

The so-called "first floor", the strong international network of bmag makes it possible to maintain real-time communication with customers. "China is a typical market based on our local strategy. Our 5 production bases in China can ensure close and independent contact with our customers."

< /p >

< p > as a supplier of solutions for POY, FDY, industrial yarn and DTY production, Bamag gained high trust beyond the recognition of the broad masses of customers. It is precisely because of this trust that many enterprises have achieved their goals.

Bama has always believed that only good equipment can be used to produce high quality filament products, which is why most of Bamag's customers have the ability to position their products higher because the quality products will never be unsalable.

< /p >

< p > < strong > technology helps sustainable development < /strong > < /p >

< p > Stefan Kross said frankly that when sustainable development becomes an important theme of China's textile industry, energy conservation will become one of Bamag's most concerned topics at present.

Bamag has set a new standard for the existing energy efficient solutions. "Every day, we are working hard to prove these sustainable development concepts and prove that it can get high economic returns."

Stefan Kross said, "the development of our chemical fiber division is mainly committed to the needs of Chinese customers.

At present, China's textile factories require low energy consumption and low emissions. Therefore, the focus of our energy conservation is to reduce energy consumption. Energy saving technology is aimed at the needs of current Chinese users.

< /p >

< p > according to Stefan Kross, in 2007, Oricon developed the latest WINGS drier. Up to now, more than 14000 units have been sold. Unlike in the past, WINGS dryer uses single layer design, plug and play, saves floor space, reduces labor costs and reduces waste emissions. All technologies meet the needs of the Chinese market.

"Based on the technology of WINGS POY, we have developed the technology of WINGS FDY, which is also aimed at reducing energy consumption and improving efficiency.

In developing this WINGS FDY technology, we compared our competitors and past FDY technologies, starting from the overall carbon footprint, energy consumption, electricity consumption, gas consumption and management costs, and WINGS FDY emissions were much lower than before.

< /p >

< p > < strong > believe that the strength of the brand is less than /strong > /p >

< p > according to Stefan Kross, the brand of orukang pahmagag has been established for many years in the market. Now the focus will be on how to further develop the brand.

"This is a huge responsibility and a guarantee for our survival.

Every employee of the company is involved in the maintenance and development of the brand. We constantly use our efforts to prove that our brand is really worthy of our name and worthy of our customers' trust.

Stefan Kross said.

< /p >

< p > long term brand building has made Stefan Kross more appreciative of the fruits of today's achievement: "as a Brand Company, we have enormous responsibilities.

Customers rely on the value of our brand.

For this reason, consistency and continuity are most important in brand building.

We never drift with the tide, and the brand we represent does not tend to any trend.

Brand creation is not a matter of a single day, but rather a long process.

However, the destruction of brands can happen overnight.

< /p >

< p > through the various achievements of the Bama brand, Stefan Kross firmly believes in the brand value of bmag: "we cannot be complacent because of the attention and respect of the industry in oracan bmag.

Only by continuous development can we maintain and strengthen our innovation capability.

Speaking of the expectations for the future of the brand, Stefan Kross said: "in 2013, bmag will continue to maintain and realize the value of our products. We are committed to developing various programmes and innovating to develop high-quality products.

Promoting the steady and rapid development of the textile industry will continue to challenge the new standard of technological capability until every fiber. "

< /p >

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